Friday, June 26, 2009

Zune HD rumors spur up

It's obviously a bit hard to put too much faith in Zune HD rumors when even Steve Ballmer himself can't keep things straight, but someone claiming to be a Software Engineer at Microsoft (who has also dropped Zune HD tips in the past) has now spoken at some length with, and provided plenty of speculation fodder in the process. The biggest of those purported details is word that the Zune HD will run between $249 and $280 for the base 16GB model, and that Microsoft is also apparently considering a 64GB model for further on in the model year in addition to the planned 32GB model. Other tidbits include word that the Zune HD will boast full support for 720p movies though its HDMI out and that, as we had heard before, it's supposedly on track for a launch in early September.