Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PS Cloud: Sony Patents multiple featuers of PS Cloud

Sony Computer Entertainment recently patented the features on their PS Cloud or PS4. It was patente March 24 the day after On-Live was debuted. Sony says that this is "entertainment services, namely, providing an online videogame that users may access through the internet". This is a small glimpse in what is in the patent.

Internet based servers will be able to stream music, videos, movies, games, and even programs to your system, computer, or hand held (cell phone). The server is very similar to On-Live, All games are stored on servers that would stream to you as quoted "On Demand." with virtually no lag time.

The patent mentions a rental on server memory for Computer Apps, so a person will be able to rent editing apps. i.e. Photoshop, Firework, Final Cut or Sony Vegas, from their computer or PS, on an on demand basis. "On Demand" will also feature downloadable Magazines, Books, and Newspapers in the area of Music, Video and Games. It also says the the audio and video may be pre-encoded, so what does this mean? Well it may mean that it is automatic play so there would be no buffering on games, music or video/movies http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=77697735

TechRadar spoke with a SCEE rep this morning who declined to comment on the story.

[Source]-Sony PS:Cloud Patent
[Source]-TechRadar:Is the PS Cloud the PlayStation 4?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Joystiq:Sony Has No Plans For A PS3 Price Drop, Calls Rumors "False"...

This is just great. Sony had contacted Joystiq and commented on recent rumors that they were going to drop the price of their flagship console. They said:

"As we have stated previously, we do not have plans for a PS3 price drop, and any rumors to that effect are false and are the result of speculation," the statement from SCEA public relations manager Al De Leon reads. "SCEA remains focused on the long-term momentum of PS3. With the industry's best software lineup this year, combined with our most aggressive marketing campaign to date, we remain confident in our approach and the value we're delivering with PS3." -SCEA to Joystiq

Joystiq's Randy Nelson says that Sony may be trying to manage speculation and rumors (Sony had not denied a possible PS2 price cut). Sony, I hope you realize that you need a price cut. There are too many people in this bad economy that cannot afford your system. If you drop the price, you can see your sales numbers and popularity increase. Plus, if you don't, your shareholders, retailers, and publishers will be let down and upset.

[Source] - Joystiq:Sony has 'no plans for a PS3 price drop,' calls rumors 'false'

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ever Wonder What Wii Games Would Look Like In HD?

*Watch in HD.

Did you ever wonder what Wii games look like in 720 HD. Well wonder no more. The footage of Super Smash Bros. Brawl above was played on a Wii Emulator on the PC called "Dolphin". Other than let you play Wii games on you PC, it allows you to legally copy games on to your Hard Drive. Unfortunately, like some emulators, you cant go online with it or get DLCs for it. Despite this, I may give this a try. Now only if Nintendo will add HDii capibilities to the Wii itself.

[Source] - Kotaku:How Your Wii Games Would Look In 720p

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello Readers! We Have A Third URL

You can now use the three following URL's to get to the BolBlog:
Now if you say that "taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu" is a fake word...its not. It is actually one of the longest names for a place in the World. Wikipedia: Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu

Why Developers Will Want To Make Games For Sony-Now?

At the GDC, Sony had broken news that developers and game companies may like to hear. Sony will "put their money where their mouth is" and match game developers budget in exchange for Playstation exclusivity. This can be good considering that Sony will let the devs control their game rather than giving Sony all the rights. It is also worth noting that Sony is not doing the "buy out" tactic that Microsoft did/does. Sony also says that "these games will not be considered a first-party publishing. Sony is not buying your product."

This is a very good idea on Sony's part. If they can get good games aboard, this plan may profit Sony and the game devs/companies. Hopefully Sony can get their hands on great games but it is uncertain if devs will be willing to sacrafice selling and making games cross-platform and making double profit, over for free money. Only time will tell if devs will go with this but I think some will.

[Source] - GamesIndustry.biz : Sony to match dev budgets in return for exclusivity

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Macintosh OS X Snow Leopard To Get Visual Facelift

Here's the breakdown. Our source, the AppleInsider, had gotten a few tips from people really close to the next "developer build" of Snow Leopard. The tipsters said that it may include a new "Marble" theme. This theme includes a dark transparent menu bar for the windows (Artist's rendition shown above) and a semi-new interface elements and colors for menus, similar to the interface of iTunes. (Artist's rendition shown below). It is uncertain if Apple will release the new UI in the next build. It is certain that we will see it by the time WWDC 09' comes in. (June 8-12, 2009)

***Note that this is only a rumor and that it is not fact until it is released or leaked.

[Source] - AppleInsider:Apple close to unveiling guarded Snow Leopard UI overhaul

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Trailer

There is a new CoD:MW 2 out and from what it showed, the game sort-of looks the same as MV1 graphic wise. Story wise, it seems fantastic and shocking even though not much is shown. The trailer is just green "sound waves". As the video gets intense, you can see glimpses of gameplay and game areas.

From what I have seen on forums, this is what some think is in the trailer. ***The following is from the Playstation.com Forums. .All credit is given to the topic starter and his sources.

OK, so we start with the Infinity Ward Logo. Cool!
Now, we hear some outside noise and a church bell in the distance. Cars driving by people walking.
The "camera" enters through a pair of automatic sliding doors at 0:18:05. Now the "camera" is inside an airport.
People walking. Loud speaker announcing, "Attention passangers. Do not leave bags unattended. Unattended bags will be confiscated." This is in English, so we can confirm that this airport is in Europe or North America.
At 0:29:00 The "camera" enters into an elevator.
At 0:33:00 The "camera" turns around and faces the elevator doors showing other men located inside the elevator. We know this "camera" is the perspective of the group of men in the elevator.
At 0:39:00 We hear unzipping and other russling meaning these men are changing their outfits.
At 49:00 We hear guns **bleep**ing and other weapons clanging. These men are bad, real bad.
At 1:04:00 We hear something that sounds like "Stand by" or "Snack Bar" from one man. This is probably Russian.
At 1:08:00 We hear "Remember, no Russian" Meaning these men cannot speak their language wherever they are headed. Terrorists probably.
The elevator doors then open. The men walk out into a crowd is civilians. At 1:19:00 gunfire starts and screams can be heard.
At 1:31:00 The "camera" remains in the elevator and the elevator doors finally close. (Wow, 30 seconds is a long time for an elevator's doors to close )
Muffled gunfire and screams can be heard
At 1:35:00 you hear the elevator starting up and the "2" lit up.
Current Known Clues:
0:33:72 Zoom in on the weird lettering. This is in Russian, which is interesting because it is on the wall of an Airport in English-Speaking Territory. Probably just a clue for the game itself. It says (translated from Russian to English thanks to Nazariy007 ) "Nynki Igoberko is in danger." This must mean some kind of assassination.
1:08:00 Dialog "Remember, no Russian" (meaning not to speak russian during that attack, making it harder for them to be tracked back to some sort of russian territory.)

1:11:77 There's writing at the top left, but when zooming in on it, the mysterious text dissappears
1:12:14 Above the Word Security - Possible New Perk Symbols (Including Stopping Power, quicker running speed/higher jumping, anti knife (meaning knives cannot kill you or you take less damage so you arent one hit killed) and a symbol of a head with a target underneath (meaning you dont take as much damage from air strikes possibly)

1:21:88 Guy with scuba gear on. Possible underwater gameplay?

1:23:12 Far right guy with snow goggles on. (SNOW LEVEL?!)
1:24:18 Top Right Jesus Like Image Appears

Possibly the Christ Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro?
1:25:05 Freeze Image - Teddy Bear can be seen!
1:26:29 Oil Rig can be seen!
1:50:00 Dialog is ALL Russian, Not Backwards English. It is translated to "Revolution is not allowed, in a biblical situation."

To fully analyze the video, go here. In the site given, there is a flash player that will allow you to view the trailer and to pause and zoom in. This is perfect for the "gaming freak" or CoD fan who just has to know some of the locations that will be in the game. If you just want to watch casually, the video is shown below. If you see anything that has not been mentioned and if you would like to spread the word, please post a comment on my blog or on the forum topic.

So the countdown begins! 11.10.09 is the release date for this game. (And yes, 11.10.09 it is)

This video is viewable in HD. To do so, just press the HD button on the timeline when the video is playing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rearden Studio's OnLive game service - "What Is It?" and How Will It Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

Today at GDC, Rearden Studios unveiled a new game service and "micro console" called OnLive. In OnLive, you can virtually play PS3/360 quality games on any PC/Mac and SD/HDTV via the internet with no video lag.

"How is this special?"

In reality, this concept is just video streaming from a server with very low latency (video lag), down to the milisecond. Then the you can control the game with the OnLive's controller or even use your mouse and keyboard. The hardware requirements are minimal. This means you don't have to dish out for better video cards or other components. In the GDC '09 Rearden Booth, you can see Crysis playing smoothly on a regular Macbook . To play with your Mac or PC, all you need to do is subscribe to the service and then you are set. Rearden will come out with a "microconsole" with bluetooth (for mics and controlers) so you can play their games on your SD/HD TV (via HDMI and SD probably via composite adapter Pricing is not yet available for the microconsole, but it is expected to be lower than the Wii's retail value, or below $250.

All OnLive platforms will feature the OnLive interface. It is intuitive and easy to use. Joystiq says "... browsing games is like a vertical version of Apple's Cover Flow...Gaming on your Mac or PC will only require you to download a browser plugin that's less than a megabyte in size."

(Shown Above:The OnLIve microconsole)

In order to play, you need at least a 1.5 Mbps connection to play SD Wii quality games. To play HD games, you need a broadband connection of at least 4-5 Mbps. You will still need a broadband connection with the MicroConsole.

Of course, with gaming comes online multiplayer. There are leaderboards, stats, ranks, etc and "brag rolls". Brag rolls are a recording of the last 10 seconds of a gameplay where you can show off and other stuff of that nature. There can also be mass spectating and instant playable game demos.

You can expect this to be very successful. At launch you can see many game titles because of the many game companies and studios that are already on board. Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, THQ, Epic Games, Eidos, Atari Interactive and Codemasters have already joined in. Expect game launches and release dates to be on par with their console/PC counterparts.

OnLive is expected to launch this Winter with monthly subscriptions available in "a variety of different pricing packages and tiers, competitively priced to retail." OnLive subscription-based service's price will likely be comparable to Xbox Live.

It is also worth noting that this piece of gaming tech may out live the current generation of consoles. Gamedaily.com writes:

"Ultimately, if OnLive is the "transformative" technology that Rearden believes it will be, then the traditional console cycle can be thrown out the window... possibly for good. Perlman called the console cycle a "nightmare for publishers," and while the current Xbox 360/PS3/Wii generation may last longer than previous ones, there's no question that the massive costs inherent in launching a new platform have been detrimental to Microsoft and Sony (Nintendo's hardware has always been profitable). Moreover, on the publisher side, Perlman points out that companies often have to make a bet three years out on which console will lead in market share. This only adds further risk to the publishing equation. After all, who really envisioned the Wii taking the industry by storm the way it did? Publishers were left scrambling as a result."

This can be profitable and positive for everyone which is what everyone wants these days. Only time will tell if this will work. Only one things for sure, I'm definitely paying for this.

Read more at:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bol Tips: PS3 Media Servers for Mac-The Good and Bad

There are lots of media server programs for Mac that can stream your music, movies, and pictures to your PS3 console. There's software like Elgato's Eyeconnect and Cynical Peak's Rivet that claim this functionality. In this article, I will show you the good and bad media servers out there.

I will start with Elgato's Eyeconnect. This $50 software was the best choice for PS3 owners up until the 2.40 PS3 update. For some off reason, the Eyeconnect started having trouble streaming to the PS3. If you have used it recently, Eyeconnect is just bad. The movie streaming is just too buggy and full of network errors. The music streaming is just shy of adequate. At times, your screen can hang for long periods of time when starting the song streaming. Stay clear of this software. It WAS good but it no longer is. (Screenshot shown below)

You can also get Rivet by Cynical Peak. This media server software is crap. Its full of errors and the video streaming lags. The music streaming is delayed and startup for media can take ten seconds or more. Its definitely not worth your $20.

Next is Twonkymedia. Now I have the least experience with this. From numerous reviews and sources, I have heard that this is a very good piece of software. It streams flawlessly with your Mac and your PS3. Get it for $30 off the Twonkymedia site.

Next is the best paid media server app. It is Nullriver's MediaLink for PS3. For a cheap $20, you can perfectly stream your movies with little or no network errors. This is also the easiest app to use and it is the snappiest one to use also. Videos are streamed at their best with this software. (Screenshot shown below)

And finally, here is the best free media server app, ps3mediaserver. It is free because it is open source. This means it can be continually worked on which means frequent updating and lots of bug fixes. Playing your files on your PS3 with this software is almost perfect. The only problem I had encountered was the little error messages that popped up during movies. They do not hinder the experience in anyway. They just pop up and go, without stopping the movie.(Screenshot shown below)

Rivet, MediaLink, and Eyeconnect run in the System Preference Pane.

To get, try, or ask about any of the programs shown above, please go go their respective URL's:

Elgato - Eyeconnect
Cynical Peak - Rivet
Nullsoft - Medialink
PS3Mediaserver -via Google code

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Review:iPod Shuffle

Apple has a new iPod Shuffle out. The new 3rd generation iPod features a body thats 0.3 inches thick and 1.8 inches tall. Like its predecessor, it is made of anodized aluminum. It also has a stainless steel clip that allows you clip it to just about anything.

The iPod has no buttons on its body. Some who don't know about it may ask, "So how does it work?". Well it comes with proprietary headphones with a tiny controller on wire of the right earbud. The controller is a long strip with 3 buttons. They are volume up/down and the "main button". Depending on how you press the main button, the iPod will perform certain tasks. For example, if you press the main button twice, it will pause the song you are currently listening to. Holding the button will activate the "VoiceOver" feature. It is basically a text-to-speech feature that speaks the current song, artist, and album. There are also sliders on the iPod body itself that allow you to turn the iPod on, shuffle your songs, or play them on order.

My thoughts:

"Swing and a miss!". This overhaul is not good at all. Its nice that they wanted the design to be simple and minimal but the proprietary headphones are bad. This iPod requires the headphones to play, stop, and operate the iPod which means if you lose them or break them, you will have to dish out $40. You can't just use any other headphone which means most accessories wont work. The only way you can use other headphones is if you buy an accessory for this iPod with the buttons for it. If money isn't your problem, then using the remote may be your problem. When you are moving (walking, jogging, etc.), you may pull the earbud out of your ear while pressing the buttons on the remote. I would have appreciated it if Apple put the remote on the "Y" of the headphone or even just putting buttons on the body of the iPod itself. I prefer the 2nd generation iPod over its successor. The 4GB's of memory is a lot. If you are getting the Shuffle for the price and size, you can still get another MP3 player for equal to or less than the Shuffle's price and size.

C'Mon Apple, you can do better than this. Seeing how thin the 2nd Generation Shuffle was, you could have made a very thin shuffle with buttons on it. Then you could have sold the remote/headphones as an add-on accessory.

The new iPod Shuffle is out now or $79 USD and is available in silver and black, and it comes with the remote/headphones, and USB cable.

Score: 2.5/5

Friday, March 20, 2009

Breaking News: PSN is Down - 2.7 Possibility? -Update- PSN is Up at around 11:30 PM EST/No 2.7

As of March 20, 2009 (10:23 PM EST), the PSN is down. Could this be the anticipated 2.7 update making its debut? In my opinion, this can be very unlikely but possible. The only way we can find out is to wait until the servers are up again. The 2.7 PS3 update is apparently going to include new features like voice messaging and other "wanted" features that were missing before hand.

-Update- Looks like I was right, there was no update. 2.7 is still something in our dreams. :(

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bol Tips: Watching and Recording HDTV On Your Mac


Ever wanted to watch TV on your computer without dishing out for a "Dazzle" or an "Eye TV"? With a firewire cable, a (STB (Set Top Box), some hard drive space, and some free software, you will be entertained in no time.

Your STB and Firewire

First off, you need to make sure that your digital cable box has a Firewire 400 port. If your digital cable service does not include an STB with firewire, you can get one from your provider. My cable box is a Motorola QIP6200 from Verizon FiOS. A law was passed in 2004 that required providers to provide STBs with the ports. The law also states they have to be enabled. The Firewire port allows us to hook up the STB to the Mac.

Please read the following before doing this:

*This tip may not work with all STBs. If you are not sure if it will work, I say do it, you have nothing to lose.
*Not all channels are available because of encryption and copyright-protection. Local channels are almost guaranteed to work. Disney and HBO are the only working "Cable" channels on FiOS that worked. Note that I only tested some channels. Results may vary.
*Please make sure your STB's output resolution is set to 720p. 1080i does not work most of the time. Feel free to try it and see if it works for you. *When "Firewire viewing", there are no TV Guides or Internal Interface seen on the computer screen. You can hook up the STB to another TV using the outputs on the STB.
*The Firewire viewing will not hinder the TV experience on a TV connected to the STB using the Component/Composite/HDMI outputs. When using these outputs WITH THE FIREWIRE, you can see all TV guides and OS interfaces...


You have to get a regular Firewire 400. You can get one easily for $10 online or go for the $20 one at the Apple Store.


Now, we are ready for the software part of this tutorial.

1. First you have to go to the Apple Developers Center.

2. Then SIgn Up then log in. Once at the member site, click on Downloads. You will be directed to a "What's New?" page.

3. On the right side of the page, you will see a "Downloads" list. Click on "Firewire".

4. FInally download the "Firewire SDK". Also download the VLC media player. You can get it here.

Installing the Software and Putting It All Together.

Go ahead and install the "Firewire SDK" and the "VLC" media player. When they are both done, hook up the STB to the Mac with the firewire cable.

Now you are ready to go. Now which software in the "Firewire SDK" do you need?

***I suggest using the Search bar in Finder to find all software. Make sure the STB is on before starting the program.
To play Live TV, you have to open a program in the SDK called AVCBrowser. Once that is done, a window like the one below should open up.


If your STB is compatible with the software, it will show up on the list. If its on the list, select it and then press the "Open Device Control Panel" button in the window.

This will open up the control panel window. In the control panel, click on the "Panel" tab.

Before you do anything, let the app open the device. To do this, go to the top of the window and click on the "Open Device" button. Your window should now look like the one below.


Now you can click on the "Start Viewer" button. This will open up VLC. ***If it does not automatically start up, view the playlist and double click on the "udp://@:41394". This will open up the viewer.

To change the channel, you can use the remote or you can use the app itself by using the keypad or typing in the "Deterministic Tune" section of the window. Once the channel is typed, click on "Set New Channel" and the STB will change channels.

To Record Your Shows

You can record your shows using the AVC Video Cap included in the SDK. To record, you must close the AVCBrowser.

Once opened, the AVC Video Cap will attempt to connect with your STB. Once its connected, select your STB on the list and then click on the "Capture From Device" button. This will bring up a window asking you to Save where/as. Once those are selected, you can choose the recording duration, what channel, and even date.

It is worth noting that some channels may not let you view recorded shows because of certain Copyrights. You can tell if the video will be un-viewable the "EMI" on the AVC Video Cap window says "Copy Once" or "No Copy". Most local channels will allow you to record in SD/HD. Channels like USA and TNT may be barred from being recorded.

The videos will be recorded in the .m2v (MPEG-2) format. If you have VLC installed, these should be played flawlessly. To put videos on sites like Youtube or on your iPod, you may need to use a video converter. ffMpeg seems to be the best one so far.

Finally, I should say that recording in HD takes up lots of space in your hard drive. I suggest getting a dedicated external HDD if you are planning to record frequently. I hope this tutorial helps and thanks for reading...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: Coosh Earphones

My stock iPod earphones broke today so I've been shopping around for new ones. I went to my local Radioshack to find some cheap, good quality earphones. One pair caught my eye, the Coosh Around Ear Earphones. The creators say it will stay on until you take them off. We'll see...

Impressions before opening the box
The Coosh's case is uber cool and unique. They show off one earphone on each side. Looking at them at a first glance, the phones look like they would be somewhat uncomfortable with their clip's round shape. Well, if looks uncomfortable, it must be uncomfortable...right? Wrong! These earphones feel amazing.

The Clip

The clip is a very flexible piece of silicone so they wont irritate your ears. In other words, you have a flexible bent "gummy worm" on your ear. the earphones just go in your ear just like any stock iPod earphones. The other great thing about the earphones is that despite its flexibility, these don't feel like they will fall off, perfect for the workout, jog, etc.

Plus, there is no need to bend the clips out of place to fit comfortably onto your ear. The flexible clip makes these phones TRUELY one size fits all. The clips are removable but I would not remove them because, first, its not necessary, and second because they can be a hassle to put back.

The Sound

Now, it may feel good but does it sound good. Most definitely. This is a great replacement for iPod stock earphones or really crappy 99 cent ones. The sound is clear and crisp. If you are a fan of really thumping bass, you wont enjoy these as much. The bass on these phones are just right, nothing that will vibrate in your head. At max volume on my iPod Touch (2nd Generation), the volume does not noticeably distort.

The Bad

The only thing i did not like about these is the fact that there is that big little piece of plastic on the 3.5" connector on the earphones. This can feel really bulky and annoying on thin or small devices like the iPod Touch or Shuffle. Also there is a big clip on the cord that you can "clip" to your shirt. Not a big deal but it can be annoying sometimes.


Price and Where to Buy

You can get these earphones at most major retailers now. Regular headphones for iPods and MP3 Players will set you back only $19.99 - $24.99 USD depending on the store you get it at. The iPhone/Blackberry/Music phone earphones with mic and "push to answer"/mute go for around $30 USD. If you are like me and like saving a few bucks, you can hit Radioshack right now and get a pair for $20 w/ tax. There are a variety of colors so its best to shop around for your favorite. I recommend ordering at Amazon.com for different colors. I would recommend getting white clips because the black one catch dust as you can see on the second pic.

-EDIT- They are also $20 at Amazon.com. Disregard the other reviews. I decided to play tennis with these and they stayed on my ear flawlessly. Maybe they stay for some but not all. They are good for me so I am recommending you to try it for your self.

Score: 4.5/5

The Summary

"Best Headphones I've ever owned!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 - People rejoice (and cry)

Have you been following Engadget's coverage of the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Preview Event? If you haven't, heres some info about iPhone OS 3.0.

Apple finally added copy/paste and you can do these actions across apps.

You can copy/paste by:
- double tapping the screen then dragging your finger over text you want to copy or paste over, then double tap to bring up a bubble with the copy/paste options.
- double tapping auto selects text, then an option bubble will come up with the option to copy/paste.
- you can also undo

Other features include iPhone to iPhone connectivity (via bluetooth), a "Voice Memo" app, ability for developers to make custom apps for accessories, Spotlight search, Text Message forwarding, and many more . Engadget has the complete list of features here .

People may be saddened because there is no bluetooth tethering (data/internet sharing from iPhone-Computer) or background apps. There is no bluetooth tethering because they would rather have developers make the apps for it. Apple is working with carriers to get that feature to iPhone users. The reason for no background apps is that it drains the battery too much. This would cause much inconvenience to users.

There was some concern in the Q&A about lag and sluggishness in the OS but Apple assures the press that they are working on it and the OS was only being seen on demo units.

The OS will be available to iPhone users for free and $9.99 USD for iPod Touch users and will be available in the Summer.

-Update-The iPod Touch 2G will have bluetooth. The bluetooth iPod + Nike chip inside the iPod Touch can be unlocked on OS 3.0.

Engadget: Live from Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 Preview Event

Mac fanboys and iPhone/iPod Touch owners, please watch Engadget's live coverage of the Apple iPhone 3.0 Preview Event. iPhone OS 3.0 is expected to have some new features. There is some rumors that it will add the "copy/paste" feature (FInally!) and many more features. I will be posting new information on the new iPhone OS as it is announced.

The Apple event will start at 1:00 P.M. EST.

New Vitamin Water 10 Calorie and a Flavor...

Well Glaceau recently came out with a few new flavors. They released a new 10 calorie water. I really don't like them because they too sweet. If you don't like diet soda, you wont like this. They also came out with a new regular flavor called Sync. Sync is a berry-cherry flavor with a "download" of vitamins and antioxidants. After tasting it at school, it is now my favorite flavor. Keep an eye out for Sync and try it for yourself.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dark Horse - Nickelback Is an Awesome Album

Go check it out. Very good rock and alternative songs on there with good melody. The lyrics also go "there", if you catch my drift. Here are two of my favorite songs on the album...

Gotta Be Somebody

Never Gonna Be Alone

This Afternoon

Ways Sony can win the console war...

Sony has a very good console on their hands with lots of potential. Despite this, they are not winning the console war.

This is partially because of:

1.Members/Players - I think Microsoft sells consoles now because most people have a 360. What I mean by that is that some (if not most people) buy a console to play with friends. All of my friends have an Xbox but no one has a PS3. Part of the problem is that the average consumer does not know the power and the potential of the PS3 and really don't care. The 360 gets the job done and that is all that the people want. The other thing is that people think that the 3rd party gaming experience is better on the 360 which is untrue to a point; the only reason it can be better on the 360 is that it can be buggy online. (See point 4 for more details.)

2: Past Impressions - When I ask people why do they don't have a PS3, they they don't like it because they feel that it has no games which is not true.

3: A price drop - In this falling economy, some people can't pay upwards of $400. Sony needs to open their eyes and drop the price of the PS3. People can argue that the 360 costs more with the addition $50 Live online service every year. You can also say that Sony will lose lots of money but, they could either be willing to sacrifice money or make cuts on the console.

4. Why not?- I was thinking, "Why does not Sony make a console tier system similar to the 360?". since Sony is going for an entertainment console, they could sell a $299 console marketed as a Blu-Ray player that comes with a BD remote, controller, 60GB HDD, 1 free PSN game, 3 free movie purchases from the PS Store, and media server software that allows you to stream music/videos/music to your PS3 from your PC/Mac. Then they can add a $399 SKU marketed as a midrange gaming console that comes bundled with a hit exclusive/"big hit 3rd party" game like Killzone 2 or LittleBigPlanet, a controller, and a mic. Finally, they can make an Ultimate Bundle with a $499 SKU with a 160GB HDD which is a combination of the 2 lower tiers with an extra controller.

5: Upgrading the PSN/XMB: Sony should really upgrade the PSN. To compare with Xbox Live, Sony should add Cross-game inviting, voice messaging, cross game chat system, etc. Also, Sony should fix some online stability issues. Online is not that bad though, it more than adequate.

The XMB should also be upgraded with a more intuitive and simple feel. Something like this. They can also add the feature of playing your music in game. Sony could also add Youtube and Hulu integration. (You can say that Hulu would render the PS Video Store useless but the Hulu player would have commercial intermissions in shows/clips).

Most of these features will be added in the upcoming 2.70 update.

Sony could also go out on a limb and make the PS3 startup on Home. This will either make - or - break the console because it will guarantee that people will use Home but it can also be buggy and laggy which can discourage some people to use the console.

6. Finally, ad campaigns: Sony needs to spread the word about their console. They have to abolish the old impressions that people have for the console. They need to stress the fact that it is also the BEST Blu-Ray player for the price. If Sony will make a price cut to the PS3, all they need is to do is emphasize it on an ad campaign. This could dramatically increase sales. Another way to potentially increase sales is to glorify the many exclusives that the PS3 has or has coming through all types of media, whether it be through gaming, tv, etc..

Sony really needs to go the offensive. If they do, this will help them win the console war...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Photoshop #1

Here is my latest work...


Friday, March 13, 2009

Bol Tips: Free Pro Software...All you need is time!!!

Well first off, this is only for educational purposes only.

There are two ways of doing this, one way is to use torrent sites, like the Pirate Bay. This is NOT how I got my software.

In order to get my software, I simply went on Youtube and searched what software I wanted and put the word "free". You can also simplify your search my adding the OS you are getting the software for. Lets say I wanted Adobe CS4 for Mac, I would type in the search bar, "Adobe Cs4 free Mac". Now if you know about searching on Youtube like I do, you would know that it would simply some searching to find the right video.

Carefully read the full description of the video you are watching. It may have certain tips on how to get the Full software for free and certain directions you have to follow. Also, serials or links to downloads maybe in the description.

As dumb as this may sound, you should WATCH the WHOLE VIDEO!!!!!

Another tip is to read the comments and see if they worked. Usually if 1 person says it works, it usually works.

Also think smart...If you think a link is unsafe, don't click it..

In doing this, I was able to fill my Mac Hard Drive with Pro Software like Adobe's CS4 Master Collection (over $2000), Final Cut Studio 2 ($1000), Logic Pro ($400), Sony Vegas 8 ($500), Microsoft Office 2008 Mac ($200) and many more.

Remember, if its not on Youtube, use google and torrent sites. If you are on a PC, stay clear of viruses...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 is probably one of the best shooters to hit the PS3, but is it worth you 60 bucks?

FIrst of all the graphics look amazing. The vivid colors and special effects make this game stunning.

As for gameplay, it is great and fun. The pace of the game can be somewhat slow. In other words, its like playing a game thats faster than Socom but slower than Call of Duty. Just play a few games to get used to it and i will assure you, you will like it.

Controls can be sluggish sometimes. You may find yourself guessing/asking yourself "Didn't I press that button?" once or twice but it does not happen often. Controls are not customizable which is a major let down but there are very good button layouts. If you are a Call of Duty buff, you may enjoy the Alternate 2 button layout which is almost the same as the default CoD button layout.

The game provides both online and offline multiplayer. Both are fun as hell. Online, you will find that the game will take some skill. It is much harder than the Call of Duty games. You wont experience bad lag in Killzone. You will rarely receive a disconnection error. The timing online (in terms of actions) is pretty much on the money. There is no delay when you throw a grenade, your character will throw it immediately. This is very different than CoD where the lag is so bad sometimes, that grenades are thrown with a 1-2 second delay. Maybe once in a while, you may find yourself shooting a guy forever and getting the kill like a minute later. Melee is pretty much done with no delay also. Overall, the online is pretty solid.

So is Killzone 2 worth it. YES! Buy it now, it is a must have!

What I'm Listening To Now

Yo! I am loving the music im listening to now. First, I have the All American Rejects new album, "When the World Comes Down" and second, I have the new Fall Out Boy album, "Folie A Deux". I recommend you get both these albums. Both album are composed of very catchy songs with good tunes and melodies....

The following videos contain my "one" favorite song on each album.

I Wanna - AAR - When the World Comes Down

American Suitehearts - FOB - Folie A Deux

Post one of ________.

Hey guys, this is my first post on this blog so if you are reading this, thank you for reading!!! In this blog, I will give some of my reviews for different stuff i do/see/ or listen to like music, movies, games, etc. Please subscribe to my RSS feed to see my newest posts.

Thanks -Bol