Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why PS3 vs. 360 doesn't matter

First off, I just want to say that the title can be a little deceiving because, it does matter, but just not as much as everyone thinks. It worth noting that we don’t see the Wii as a “gamer” console. While it has some games that appeal to gamers, its general appeal goes to the kid, adult, and elderly demographics which pretty much excludes the regular “gamer”.

The ancient and everlasting debate between the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 is food for ignorant fanboys. Why does there have be hate when two company’s are selling generally the same item. A competition between two companies will always happen and is needed but for some reason, a 360 fanboy wants Sony to be crushed and quit. Vise versa for a Sony Fanboy.

Everyone who thinks/wants this is an idiot. If there is a competition, companies compete by giving you (the consumer) great things to bribe us against the other company. For 360, they have a reliable online experience and for PS3, online is free and it works. If one company fails, so do all the things that can potentially make the console better. Since there is competition, the company doesn’t have to waste money to make us happy; because where would we go? We’re gamers and fanboys, and they know that we will never stop gaming and future kids wont stop gaming, and the only way to game is to buy their console. If there a monopoly then the price will increase, online service fees will increase, and games and technology won’t be at its best because there isn’t going to be any competition to base an improvement on. Don’t believe your favorite company will do this to you? Your wrong! Microsoft is just not a console company but also a software company and possibly may focus all their attention to Windows if Sony fails with the PS3. If Microsoft fails, PS fans are out of luck. This is because Sony may potentially turn their attention to making TVs, DVD players, Blu-Rays, Cell phones, laptops, etc. because they would not have to worry about their console. If there is no competition then in turn, we lose. Not to mention the loss of thousands of jobs. Still don’t believe me then read a history book. A big example would be NASA vs. Russia in the “race to space”. In 10 years we launched a man to the moon and made great advancements in technology. We haven’t done anything near as great except destroying multiple rockets and kill brave men and women after Russia became a joke. We stop trying once we have no one to compete with.

Why does it even matter if one console is better than the other? Do we need to argue in countless and pointless articles? It’s not even comparable because the fact of the matter is it’s truly based on the individual preference. The PS3 is a multi-media connector that plays true Hi-Def movies and TV shows. The 360 is a way to connect with people all around in an easy online fashion. Both with great games and incredible features. Like comparing Apples and Oranges, it can’t be done. I’m not crying out for people to stop fighting and all I want is peace. I just want people to realize that arguing about another console is annoying. Everytime I go on a gaming site, I see “Microsoft to fail?” and “Sony’s last Hope?” I mean come-on really? Literally there are thousands of articles made by amateur writers (Like us) writing about their own opinions on how a multi-million and multi-billion dollar company works, since we own one right?

For young fanboys and fangirls, what do you accomplish by bashing each other. How many minds have you changed, really? Unfortunately, some of us, wiser ones should know why we should stop bashing, but if not keep reading. We will always show favoritism towards our favorite gaming machine and try to change other peoples mind towards our own views. Great minds and companies are “Thinking different.” – Apple.

And we need to change ourselves as well. Companies are suffering through a depression just like us (civilians); and bashing them is not going to help even if it makes you feel good. Because all your doing is proving what you are, in life we all need to bite our tongue, because if we keep bashing companies we will lose by them quitting. “Ignorance is shown by irrational arguments and statements.” –DiTechite

So in a nutshell, fanboyism is “okay” to an extent. Its good to cheer on favorite console, but don’t bash the competition with pointless articles and statements. This is because its annoying, and honestly not many people care. Plus, there will always be competition, and we should not try to shoot it down. Without competition, the gaming communities and probably the gaming market would not be as “golden” as it is now.