Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Chrome developer preview (unofficially) released

Finally, the day has come (sort of). Kevin Rose (?) leaked a link to a Developer's Preview of Google Chrome for Mac on his Twitter. As for first impressions, the browser looks great. The tabs system on Chrome is just like its Windows counterpart. As for speed, Safari is still the best. Sites like DiTechite and Youtube load up faster in Safari then on Chrome. Unfortunately, flash is not enabled in this build of Chrome, so you cannot watch any flash (i.e. Youtube, video sites). Stability on the other hand be better than Safari. After surfing numerous sites, my Safari crashed. After doing the same with Chrome and more, the experience stayed clean and smooth. Since this build is only a preview/beta, I cannot judge its speed yet, because there is lots of work Google can potentially do to improve Chrome before it is released into public beta.

Robert from TUAW also performed some benchmark comparisons with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Like I said, Safari is still the fastest browser. Shown below, the lower the "Total Duration", the better the performance.

[Via Tuaw]

Link to Kevin Rose's Twitter. Click the link to get to the Download Page.