Monday, June 1, 2009

Ubisoft claims to bridge the Gaming Industry and Hollywood

In Ubisoft's E3 press event, it was revealed that Ubisoft bought out a graphic design company with approximately 200 workers, Hybride, which is making CGI shots for Hollywood movies. They recruited Hybride in hopes of innovating their games by helping them improve the gameplay in their games. Hybride, is currently making CGI shots for James Cameron's new "Avatar" movie, a movie that is set in the 22nd century, on a moon of an inter galactic planet. James Cameron asked Ubisoft to make an Avatar based game. Because "movie games suck" (quoted by Cameron himself), he wanted the devs at Ubisoft to make a totally different game that is not a "slave to the movie". Cameron said that he approved mostly anything that the devs wanted to add to the game, as long as it followed the layout of the world of "Avatar". He even approved in-game objects that you wont see in the movie. Cameron also said that he took some of what Ubisoft put into the game, and put it into the actual movie. He had also mentioned that since the movie is in 3D, he asked Ubisoft if the game could be stereoscopic, or in 3D Vision. Ubisoft was skeptical at first, but then approved the idea. This will make Avatar one of the first mainstream stereoscopic games out. Cameron hopes that this game will turnout to be the best it can potentially be, and also hopes that this new and unique experience would set it apart from other games out there. Ubisoft also announced partnerships with Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg on a project called "Tintin".