Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ready for the DTV Transition?

Well you better be... The DTV transition will kickoff at midnight, and if you are not prepared for it, you may lose your TV signal. Make sure that you ask your TV service provider if you receive digital signals. This will depend on the type of set top box you may have. For those people who use antennas, make sure that your TV can read the digital TV signal (ATSC). If it does not, you may need to buy a converter box so your TV can read the digital signal. These converter boxes are available in any big electronics retail stores for upwards of $50, and uses the antenna you already have. Depending on the kind of TV you have, you may need to buy a converter box that fits your needs. If you have an HDTV thats not capable of receiving digital signals, you may want a box that includes HD outputs like HDMI, DVI, etc. If you have an SD TV, a regular converter box with with Audio/Video outputs that fit the inputs that your TV has.