Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to jailbreak an iPod Touch (1g/2g) with 3.0

Jailbreaking was a way for iPhone/iPod touch users to do things on their device that could not happen on a regular iPhone/iPod touch. If you jailbreak, you can add user wallpapers on the home screen, enable true file sharing between the devices and a computer, add widgets to the lockscreen, etc.

Before we get started, its worth noting that:
1) These instructions are intended for the iPod Touch with iPhone OS 3.0 already installed. For iPhone instructions, look elsewhere because we don't own iPhones and we don't want to steer you in the wrong direction.
2) We are not responsible/liable if you break your iPod, nor are the people responsible for releasing the jailbreaking tools
3) Things will go smoothly if you FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY

Lets get started...

1. First off, you'll need to download two things that are necessary for the jailbreaking. The first is an iPod Touch firmware (iPhone 3.0), and a piece of software called redsn0w, the software that will patch and port the firmware to your iPod. All the download links are below. Pick the links that correspond to you hardware. Once these downloads are finished, we can go on...

redsn0w: Mac/PC

iPhone OS 3.0 for iPod Touch: 1G/2G

2. Open redsn0w. A window like the one in the below picture should appear.

3. Click browse in the bottom-left hand side of the window and select the iPhone OS 3.0 firmware that you downloaded (the MegaUpload file). Make sure it is a .ipsw file before you select it. If all goes well, the next button should appear clickable. Click it to go to the next step. If the next button does not appear clickable after one minute, make sure you browsed for the right file.

4. Next, redsn0w will ask you which options you would like to have. Check Install Cydia. Now your window should look like the picture below... If it is, hit next to continue to the next step.

5. You should get to a screen like the one below. Do as it says: Make sure that the iPod is OFF and PLUGGED into your computer. If its not, plug the iPod to your computer FIRST, then turn it off by holding the POWER BUTTON. You'll know its off after you slide the slider when "Slide to Power Off" appears. Once it is off and plugged in, you may proceed.

Get ready! Have one finger ready on the Power button and one finger ready on the home button. This is because you will have to follow the redsn0w onscreen instructions. They will help you get the iPod into DFU mode, the mode that will allow the patched firmware to be ported to your iPod.

Timing is crucial to get into DFU mode, which is why I told you to get you fingers ready. If your timing/steps are wrong/off, you will put your iPod into recovery mode (when it wont turn on anymore), which will require it to be hooked up to iTunes. iTunes will then have to recover it, reinstall firmware/updates, etc... Its not a big deal if it happens, its just a problem to deal with. In a nutshell, get it right, or deal with the hassles.

Just so your ready, behind the next button, you will be told to:

1. Hold the Power Button for 3 seconds
2. Without releasing the Power Button, hold the Home button for 10 seconds
Without releasing the Home button, release the Power button. Keep holding the Home button for 30 seconds

6. If you are ready to do the above, click next. As soon as you click next, the first instruction (from above) will begin. Each instruction will have timers to you know when to go to each step (seen below). If it goes smoothly, click next. The install process will begin. (2nd pic below)

7. Once installation is finished click Finish. Now, you are done! Its all automatic from there.

If you want, you can import all media, contacts, apps, etc. from iTunes on to your iPod, as the jailbreak wont hinder the iPod + iTunes experience.

If you followed all our instructions, you should have an App called Cydia. Cydia is the "Black Market" version of Apple's App Store. In Cydia, you will be able do download apps, themes (yes UI mods), and have access to settings that would not be there without a jailbreak.

If you want to go beyond installing wallpapers and go a little more toward the "expert" jailbreak user, go to modmyi.com There you will find guides, news (jailbreak and official Apple news), forums for your jailbreak questions, pics, and Cydia Apps.

Oh...one more thing before you go. Welcome to the dark side!