Sunday, June 14, 2009

CrunchPad Tablet seen hands-on on video-not shown running but looks good

While were more likely to see some real CrunchPad computing action in July, we could not help to show some video of what seems to be a pre (but near release) build of the tablet.

The video below (taped in an undisclosed location) shows an unboxing of the CrunchPad. According to the source in the video, the packaging thats is seen is almost the exact retail packaging. From the looks of the CrunchPad, it seems as thin as a DVD movie case, and it does not seem to have the aluminum body it was rumored to have. Unfortunately, the person who showed the device would not turn on the CrunchPad for some reason. it is slated to have a custom Linux/WebKit OS in it so we'll have to wait for some more footage for this product later.