Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sony E3 2009 - Live Weblog

Today at 11:00EST Sony had their PR(Press conference) I will be here recording everything they say so you guys can follow along...

E3 2009 Sony, Live from G4 TV.
So it starts out with a really cool extended commercial showcasing multiple of Sony's games. Very nice entrance. Jack Tretton president and CEO comes out. 364 Games out on PS3 this year. 40x28 screen. 2009 will beat 2008. PS over 30% in 2008. MV2 FF13 RaR Batman , heavy rain, rock band Beatles.

Starts with PS2.
Ps2 is now $99.99. Ps2 outsold next gen system. In 9 years the PS2 is still going and PS2 will not be discontinued. 2000 titles. 100 new titles in 2009.

22 million units sold last year. Great games in 2009. inFamous is biggest blockbuster. 35 exclusive titles in 2009.

Uncharded 2 multiplayer beta at midnight tonight. It looks like a great game with fun interactions and funny comentary. Action is better than the first in my opinion. Jack brgs on Uncharded 2, as he should, the game looked amazing and had great gameplay.

Next, MAG 256 multiplayers online. The first game play footage. This first person shooter. The game looked like battlefield graphics with its own style. The objective is to get behind enemy lines. Since the squads have different objectives, the leader will get points for ecah action they do. The helicopers secure the area with mini guns. If any player dies after a heli arives then they swapn in the heli. The leader has special privlidges.

PSP has become slimmer and easier to use over the years. Hannah Montana bundle will come out.

President and CEO Kaz Hirai of Sony. He announces the PSP Go!
It looks just like all the pictures. It will not replace the PSP 3000 or slim. It's just for digital media. It playes all the same games, but is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the first PSP with 16GB of internal memory. It also has blutooth tec. and M2 slot for memory, wifi, Media go will replace the media store and can be accessed through a PC. New called Sense Me will analyze your music like the Itunes Genius. PSP will now be 80% more cost efficient. More content, music, videos and games. All PSP titles will be digitally distributed. PSP Go is the future of technology. Same price of 249.99 Oct. 1, Nov. 1 in Japan. Video delivery service will be available on all PSP's. More content on PS Store. Showtime, G4, E, HD Net, TNA and magnolia. "Entertainment everywhere"

Farther of Tursmio Kazunour Yamachui. Gran Turismo PSP, running on PSP Go, Full scale with 60 FPS. 800 cars 35 tracks. SP will now have challenge trials where you can find out your driving skills. Not Shrunken down. Utilized all the power and up to 4 players online. You can now trade cars between other players. All 800 cars can be shared between friends. Gran Turismo will have more features and will not be degraded going on the PSP. The demo looked sick and ran gret on the PSP Go.

Metal Gear Solid.
Hideo Koijima. Snake will be back. MGS Peace walker. Setting is 10 years later after MGS3 in the 1970s. Koijima will be greatly involves in the coding as will his team. He will not forget to add the specs on the PSP. The trailer is just as epic as MGS4. US vs Soviet union. 1974 Cuba turnes to a military with no geverment. Snake will be back and greater and more tactical than ever. The trailer was exliterating and unbelivelible. Funny ending. 2010 will be released. "Next true step in the MGS Saga." Koijima.

Resident Evil-
Coming to PS3 next year and to PSP next year. PSP will have more exclusive PS3 titles; Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank, Motor Storm, and Harry Potter to name a few. All these look great and have used the PSP's capablities very well. Once again a great presentation.

24 M WW, 11 m US, 200titles on PSN Store, 90 are exclusive, Starting to add PS1 titles on PSN store including FF7.

Home only on PSN- 6.5 M people, 100 items each month, Caccon has spaces and Home spaces as EA had 1.5 M engagements, Socom, Activision, Nameco, Capcon, EA and more will have spaces. Now the Home commercial is showing.

PS3 Sony introduction.
Starts off showing Uncharded 2, then Madden, Heavy rain and Batman Arculim of Asylimun, Guitar Hero, LBP, DC, Fight Club, and many, many more. Again a great start presentation for the PS3 an hour in and still going strong.

Rockstar- "Agent" a new game coming to exclusively PS3. Just Announced

Assassin Creed 2 on PS3. More options and gameplay. Starts right where AC1 ended. In the Resanance period. Da vinci will help him and will give him new invintions through out the game. Game looks epic and he now has more assassin techinekes. 30 different weapons. Smoke bomb is also used in the gameplay. On shelves soon. Just Announced

Final Fantasy in next spring. Looks like a great game. Same gameplay just continued. FF14 on PS3 only in 2010. Just announced.

Motion control gaming. Dr. Richard Marks. New eyetoy with more interactions with the PS3. The new motion sensor is a prototype. This is epic. The eyetoy can pick the sensor and replace it with anytool and can be used in any game. This is really cool and there is nothing like it. True 3D motion. Looks kiddy but really cool and anyone will have fun with this. It can also go to first person. The eyetoy will exactly in realtime track the sensor and uses it like a green screen. 2 sensores can be used to build buildings and anything imagable. The accucary is at submillimeter tracking. Everything is concidered, including the angle on a spray paint can. Dominos and other cool tools can be used. Can also be used in an arena with a vitural player.