Thursday, April 30, 2009

Acer confirms Windows 7 release date

Acer's UK marketing director Bobby Waltkins told Pocket-Init that the Asus Z5600 all-in-one PC is scheduled to be released on October 23rd with Genuine WIndows 7 pre-installed. I believe that this statement just tells us that the upcoming OS is going to be released by October 27. There is still an open possibility that it will launch before then. I suspect it to be out between Mid-September and October 27.

AT&T (maybe?) gets a taste of Palm's webOS with the "Palm Eos"

Earlier, Engadget (via Boy Genius Report) posted a blurry pic (above) of what appeared to be a new Palm phone with "Pre-type" styling and a stationary keyboard. Then a few hours later, it was confirmed as the Palm Eos, a successor to the Palm Centro.

It will have 4GB of storage, 2 megapixel camera w/video capture, 4 hour 3G talktime, Contact link with AT&T address book, and GPS. It will be compatible with MPEG4, H.264, and H.263 video formats and WAV, MP3, AAC, and AAC+ audio formats.


Palm going Centro for next webOS handset? (Rumor/Speculation)

Palm Eos: super-thin, 3G, and headed to AT&T? (Confirmed)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Microsoft to rival iPhone on Verizon

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is in talks with Verizon Wireless to launch a phone that has "a touchscreen-based multimedia phone that will aim to extend the Windows Mobile OS while adding new software capabilities." It will also utilize the Windows Marketplace. This may be Microsoft's attempt to compete with the iPhone.

Also, I am waiting on Windows Mobile 6.5. Windows Mobile 6.5 looks great but it was really slow when it was shown off a few months ago. We can expect WinMo 6.5 around fourth quarter 2009, so you can probably get this phone then.

Why this phone will suck...and what Microsoft should do about it..

This phone is being made by a 3rd party company. What usually happens when this is done is that the phone will turn out to be a complete failure or really bad. The problem is, they can actually get the software to work right. In other words, we've seen Windows Mobile phones today made by 3rd companies...they sucked. Many phones like the HTC Fuze or the Omnia just were not that great in terms of features, power, and functionality. It's either the problem on the OS side, or the phone's side. It can be the phone's problem, but it's also the high standards your phone has to meet to make the OS actually run properly. We can just pray that Windows Mobile 6.5 runs better than its predecessor 6 (or 6.1).

Microsoft should take the first party route and make their own phones. You can argue that when they distribute their OS to third parties, they make more profit. But Apple and Blackberry, both current first party phone OS developers and phone makers dominate over 70% of the smartphone web traffic. So what does web traffic have to do with anything? Well, can mean that people can go on the internet easier, more people buy and/or have those first party phones because those phones actually work well, or many other reasons.

Plus, Microsoft is probably the only one who knows their way around their software, and know what their software requires, and how to meet those requirements. If Microsoft actually made their own Windows phone and took their time developing it, they may actually dominate the market, and more importantly have a better mobile OS.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

GeekTool: Good and Bad

GeekTool is a system panel for Mac OSX users, made by Tynsoe. The panel allows text and image commands to be displayed on a desktop through CLI commands. On a person’s desktop, one can monitor a computers temp, ram, uptime, HDD, etc. Pictures that are saved on your hard drive or from a website can also be displayed thought GeekTool on your desktop.

Using GeekTool, I had trouble with some of the commands. It defiantly requires knowledge of file locations and text coding for different file types. Finding a text that fits well with the display is also hard. One bug I found is; if multiple command consoles are live and are clicked, all the consoles are changed to the selected one, this happened several times and re-doing it all can be a hassle and wastes time. The preferences are very customizable but lack some essential features like being able to rotate text.

On the good side, people can get real creative; several people have made their desktop into a continuously updating art piece. As of now there are a few sites where commands can be found, but there aren’t many commands on those sites and even then, some of those commands don’t work or require tweaking. An example would be the iTunes Album Artwork command. This command will require some research to start working.

On my desktop, I have the iTunes “Now Playing” info, Clock, Uptime, RAM usage, and Calendar commands running. In order to make my desktop look cooler, I wanted my GeekTool commands to blend in with my wallpaper. I found a cool wallpaper picture at and photoshoped the picture of the stickynote and copied it several times. Then, I moved all my command consoles over the stickynotes.

I would give GeekTool a 7/10, It's real useful and has useful commands. But, even though I could get some commands running, some really cool and complex actions require lots of work and tweaking. GeekTool may not be fun for people who do not know what they're doing. Most people will struggle with making commands work within GeekTool. It has lots of potential to be a great program. I would love it more if the software was more user friendly. Just having an archive of commands that could be run in GeekTool just with a click of a mouse would make me happy. Below are some screen shots of various commands and a shot of my desktop...


PS3 shows up on Dell's site for $299

Those wanting to buy a PS3 should buy it from Dell. (You heard me.) Right now, Dell is selling its console for $299 (After an instant savings of $100). I don't know if this means there will be a price drop. It seems to be more like a hint to a new PS3 model than to a price drop. We'll just have to wait till E3 (or later) to see what Sony is going to do next...

[Dell] - 80GB Configuration

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New OSX Snow Leopard beta build includes screen capture

Via AppleInsider: With the introduction of Snow Leopard, QuickTime Player will assume more of a utilitarian role, with screen recording features reportedly joining the software's exiting repertoire of basic audio and video capture capabilities.

People familiar with the latest betas of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard have been reporting over the past several weeks the addition of a 'Screen recording' option in the File menu of the new Quick Time X Player due to ship with the OS overhaul later this summer.

Similar in many ways to a feature long offered by Ambrosia Software through its Snapz Pro X utility, the option will allow users to capture in motion video their Mac's screen -- essentially video screenshots.

Such a feature will be particularly useful for software developers and educators, as it will simplify the process of creating video tutorials, software demonstrations, and anything else best captured in live motion as opposed to still shots.

When selecting the screen recording option under recent pre-release distributions of Snow Leopard, a recording interface prompts the user to begin a video capture then disappears. A small footprint controller in the upper-right hand side of the Mac OS X menubar can be used to end the video capture.

While its unclear if the feature is fully functional in build 10A335 released Thursday, it wasn't in earlier builds, often creating an empty .mov file, those familiar with the software say.

[Source] - AppleInsider: Snow Leopard to offer screen recording via QuickTime X Player

OQO future in question - Rich gadget freaks weep

Computer maker, OQO, is suffering in this troubled economy. The VP of OQO, Bob Rosin, confirmed that the company may not produce any more units of its Model 2+, its latest computer model, partially because it did not have a release date for it. Their profits also went down last quarter. Besides difficulty raising money, the company has been impacted by the tough economy, with some customers delaying payments, Mr. Rosin said. It has tried to conserve cash with temporary shutdowns and reduced working hours for employees, though it has not had a major reduction in force, he said.

Bob Rosin:

"... it is "unlikely" any more Model 2+ units would be produced, though not indicating how many were currently manufactured and ready to go."

The Model 2+ featured an Intel Atom Processor, 5" OLED touchscreen, Wireless 802.11a/b/g, Wireless 3G Connectivity (via wireless carrier), full keyboard with trackwheel, and Bluetooth.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Palm Pre: What it is and our thoughts

Palm was known for making great PDA devices. But over the years, Palm has been lacking in its OS, in terms of modernism, style, and functionality. Well, Palm's new smartphone, the Pre (OS coding headed by Apple's head iPhone coder former Jon Rubinstein) may change that. Here is why you may want this phone.

The first thing you will notice is the cool hardware and looks. The Pre has an "egg" type body. On the front, it has a 3.1" LCD touchscreen. The touch area is extended to below the screen near the "light ball", which is also the home button.It also lights up when you make gestures on the touch area below the screen. The whole face of the phone slides up to reveal a full QUERTY keyboard.

In terms of specs, it runs on Sprint's EVDO Rev. A 3G network, 2.1 Bluetooth, a microUSB slot, accelerometer (for switching screen to landscape) and 8GB of storage. While there is no GSM version of the phone to run on other networks, one is in the works. (Phew! T-Mo users like me, Rejoice!)

Of course this phone sounds good, but is the OS any good? Yes, the Pre's webOS is really good. In fact, it may just beat Google's Android OS for its style, ease of use, and well... awesomeness! You can also run multiple apps at the same time with the webOS which is wanted by many people. You can basically see all you're windows in an "Expose" kind of way. You can see this in the video below. There are also many apps that will help you stay connected, like Facebook, Youtube (possibly), a Cloud email service, and an internet browser just to name a few.

Compared to the iPhone

  • In my opinion, it is not necessary for iPhone and/or AT&T users to buy this phone, unless they really want to switch to Sprint. This is because the Pre offers everything the iPhone offers. Sprint users should definately dish out for this phone.
  • It has a Developer SDK that allows devs to make many apps for it. This means that Pre has the potential to have a successful app store like the one on the iPhone.
  • Another advantage to the Pre is it full QUERTY Keyboard which allows very easy typing. iPhone's keyboard is a typo magnet.
  • The iPhone is an Apple product. What this means is that Apple products usually sell better than its competitors, especially in the MP3 and mobile phone department. If the Pre lives up to its hype, it should sell in great quantities and gain popularity over the iPhone.
  • The Pre's ability to run apps in the background is great, especially if you are a multi-tasker. Now it can be easy to chat on AIM and look up LMAO on Google.
  • The iPhone's OS seems more quicker and responsive than the Pre's webOS. This should not effect your decision in buying the Pre, because it can easily be fixed via firmware update.
  • The iPhone is iTunes compatible. This means that it may be harder (or easier depending on if you buy songs/videos on iTunes or downloading off P2P networks) to sync media to your iPhone, than to the Pre.
  • You will find that scrolling on the Pre is similar to the iPhone's scrolling. The scrolling on the Pre is far smoother than scrolling on an iPhone, but the iPhone's scrolling seems more responsive.

Pre=iPhone Killer?

Is the Pre the iPhone killer? Well...its mixed. I cannot say for sure if the os is good or not because I have not personally used it. From all the videos I've seen, it can be slow at times, but all the videos are pre-launch. So does this mean webOS and the Pre will actually lose the "mobile war". For now, iPhone is in the lead, and the game is growing. webOS also has to compete with Cupcake (Android), RIM's Blackberry OS, and Windows Mobile 6.5 (or 7). This game is just getting started. With all the OS revisions coming, and some time to fix some bugs, only time will tell how the Pre stacks up with the competition.

The Palm Pre will be released (maybe) by May 16 exclusively on Sprint's 3G Network for $199 with their "Simply Everything" plan that is about $99.99 a month.

Its also worth noting that it can be charged virtually wirelessly, via the Touchstone charger. Its basically a "flat knob" hooked up to a power source. (Shown Above) All you have to do is rest the Pre on the top of the Touchstone and it will charge. It may cost you around $70. You will also have to swap the Pre's glossy battery cover for a matte one for the charging to work.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

DiTechite Podcast: Episode 2 (April 23, 2009)

In this episode, Bol talks about the latest headlines. (Apple 2nd quarter earnings, Shaking Baby App, and more...)

Links for podcast below. You can also listen to it in the player in the sidebar of the site.
[MP3] Download Link [Direct URL]
[iTunes] - The DiTechite Podcast iTunes Store Page

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review and Hands on: Tap Tap Revenge 2

Tap Tap Revenge was a major hit on the iPod Touch and iPhone app store. Its fun gameplay and awesome songs made it one of the best games on the Apps Store. Does Tap Tap Revenge 2 live up to its predecessor? Lets find out!

Tap Tap Revenge 2 is a major improvement to its older brother. A clean startup screen welcomes you into the game. At the screen, you have 3 major buttons: Downloads, Play, and options.

In downloads, you can download new tracks "DLC'S" to play on Tap Tap. There are many songs to choose from. Songs from the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Coldplay are downloads that are available.

In options, you can change the volume volume, delete DLCs, and even edit your "Tapulous" profile online game profile.

So now its time for the gameplay itself...When you press play in the welcome screen, you have the option to play "One Player", "Two Player", "Career" (It is an achievements list) (New Feature), and Online multiplayer. In regular gameplay, you will see some new visuals as well. You will see new tap zones, more cool effects, a new look to the 8X Multiplier, and more...

The One Player game play is nothing short of fantastic. For those who do not know, the gameplay is like Guitar Hero. Notes come down a vertical straightaway and you have to tap them when they reach the "Touching Zone". (Sorry for bad explanation, gameplay footage in video below). As for the song choices, they are just perfect for the game. Especially Coldplay's Lovers in Japan (Remix). As you play harder difficulty songs, the games become more challenging and fun.

Two Player gameplay is fun as well. It involves two people playing on opposite sides of the iPod or iPhone. The person with the higher score wins. The only thing thats bad about it is that playing can get cramped and two people playing means more tapping, which means more shaking of the device.

As for online (3g and EDGE, and WiFi), it is just like playing Two Player, except its online. There is almost no lag and the gameplay is very competitive.

And finally, the Career. The Career is basically an achievement list. To achieve 100% on this list, you would have to play on 21 Consecutive Days, and play 1000 games...and those are just the really long term achievements. There around 25 more achievements in addition to those two, so there is always is some reason to play this game.

So in a nutshell, this app is great and you should put this on your device. Great song list, spectacular gameplay, and online gameplay is great. This is not only a great improvement over its predecessor, but it is also an app that you will play over and over for a long time.

Score: 5/5

[iTunes Link] - App Store: Tap Tap Revenge 2

Monday, April 20, 2009

Xbox 360 Elite Game of the Year Bundle

This new Xbox 360 Elite bundle comes with a black console (Jasper unit) with a 120GB hard drive, a Netflix trial, and two games: Halo 3 and Fable 2. This bundle is $400 and is a good deal considering that you will get a Jasper console. (Jasper Chipset=Less chance of Red Ring)

Check out the DiTechite Podcast on iTunes!

You can now get episodes of the DiTechite podcast on the iTunes store. You can also subscribe to the DiTechite podcast to automatically download to your library on the store as well. Hit up the link below to go to our podcast on iTunes!

You can also download episodes of the podcast right here or even listen to it on our site as well. Just go to the "DiTechite Podcast" section on our sidebar. There, you can listen to it right on our player, or download the MP3 version to feed your DiTechite Podcast hunger.

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Calling all Writers!

Dark and I are looking for devoted writers that know their tech to write for DiTechite. If you are interested, please do the requirements below and send it to and have "Application to DiTechite" as the subject:

1. Tell us about your self

2. How often you are available to write (Be Honest!)

3. Write three articles on anything tech (can be a news article, editorial, or review), would prefer all three to be tech news articles. Can be written in any writing style. Have proper punctuation and grammar.

4. Tell us what your favorite gadget is and why?

5. Do you have any special skills (other than writing/blogging) that you have that can contribute to the site. (In other words, can you help in the design our site)

6. Do you have a specialty on a typeof gadget? (Mobile, computers, games, etc.)

7. Give us some contact info (Email is the only required info but we would like an AIM screen name or a Skype user name)

Please no attachments or resumes. We will contact you if we are interested in recruiting you for our site.


Got something you want to share?

Do you want to tip us on news? Do you want to show something cool to us and to the other readers? Do you have a tech/gadget question you want us to answer?

Send your name, email address, and subject (tip, story, "cool thing", etc...) to DiTechite at aol (dot) com (Subject:Post [topic])

Saturday, April 18, 2009

T-Mobile Nokia E71 Spotted at Best Buy Mobile

Today, I was at the Staten Island Mall. While looking around in the Best Buy Mobile store, I spotted a Nokia E71 for T-Mobile and an unlocked version also. The T-Mobile one goes for $199.99 with a contract while the unlocked one goes for over $450.

In terms of the phone, it felt great in hand but I felt the keys were too small to type with. I am am also not a fan of the Symbian OS either. I would buy it if it was $100 cheaper.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The DiTechite Podcast [How we did it]

As some of you may be aware, DiTechite has made our first podcast featuring Bol and myself. So I will show you viewers how we did it, so you can make your very on podcast and put it on your blog site. This first part is for people with Macs and Garageband.

First bol and I got on Skype and opened GarageBand. Once in garage band I opened a real instrument track, if your headset is plugged in, you should see your voice in the record track. We started Skype and also started recording. Bol recorded his voice while I recorded mine during the podcast. Once we were done Bol sent me his file and I opened his voice track in a new Garageband project and put both of our voices on it. I had to do some editing because the beginning was off by a few seconds and so was the end. This is normal for all podcast's.



Once the editing was done I went to Garageband. Upload your file from iTunes to in the upload tab. Now you should see your Podcast and its name. On the arrow box on the right side click . I added the Blogger service because we are on blogger. (Following?). Once added click , add a title and within 10sec it should be on your site.







If you have a PC follow the steps but since you don't have Garageband you need to get one of hundreds of audio recorders. Still put the finished recording on iTunes and upload it to Good Luck and if you have made a podcast comment the URL.


DiTechite Podcast: Episode 1 (April 17, 2009)

This is the first DiTechite Podcast! We walk about PC/Mac, 360/PS3 and more just sit back, relax and listen...

Four in Pirate Bay case found guilty

CNN Writes:
Four men behind a Swedish file-sharing Web site used by millions to exchange movies and music have been found guilty of collaborating to violate copyright law in a landmark court verdict in Stockholm.

The four defendants -- Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and Carl Lundstrom, three founders and one patron of The Pirate Bay -- were sentenced to one year in jail and also ordered to pay 30 million kronor ($3.6 million) in damages to several major media companies including Warner Brothers, Columbia, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony BMG and EMI.

The defendants are free without restrictions while they appeal the judgment.

The Pirate Bay allows users to exchange files including movies, music, games and software, but does not host the files itself. It claims more than 3.5 million registered users.

The court case, which involved both a criminal case and a civil claim brought by the media companies, marks a key victory for anti-piracy campaigners, who had long targeted the Web site. Should the perpetrators of Internet piracy be punished? Have your say

The year-long prison terms are for violating Swedish law, while the damages are compensation to the media giants in the civil case -- though the court ordered the men to pay just one-third of the 110 million kronor ($13 million) which the companies had asked for.

Friday's verdict did not include an order to shut down The Pirate Bay site.

Its owners have consistently shrugged off legal threats and police raids, posting letters from entertainment industry lawyers on their Web site with mocking responses.

When Dreamworks studio demanded that the site act over file-sharing of Dreamworks' movie "Shrek 2," The Pirate Bay threatened to sue for harassment and lodge a formal complaint "for sending frivolous legal threats."

"It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are ... morons," the response continued, suggesting that studio representatives perform a sexual act. The response closed with an obscenity.

Site owners dismissed the effects of a police raid in 2006, saying the site had been down longer on other occasions due to illness or drunkenness than when "the U.S. and Swedish government forces the police to steal our servers ... yawn."

But Magnus Eriksson, who in 2003 co-founded the "loosely formed group of theorists, artists and programmers" that spawned The Pirate Bay, says there are serious issues at stake.

He does not think copyrighted material should be free for everyone, "but that it already is."

"The control over what people communicate is lost and we have to adapt to this new state of things," he said via e-mail. "To monitor all communications, fight all new digital technologies and spread a culture of fear in what should be a free and open communication network is not a desirable option."

Entertainment companies claim The Pirate Bay has hurt their box office profits, part of an annual loss the Motion Picture Association of America claims to be about $6 billion a year worldwide.

"Hollywood studios are businesses. They're there to make money," said association lawyer Thomas Dillon. "It costs $100 million to make a feature film, so of course they're quite keen to get some back. So I don't accept this argument that there's some benefit to culture in allowing people to make copies of commercial films and getting them for free."

Monique Wadsted, a Swedish lawyer for the MPAA, said The Pirate Bay was also harming individual artists.

A victory for the entertainment companies "will, of course, be for all authors all around the world, some kind of redress... because what is going on now is actually a plundering of the author's works," she said via e-mail.

"If some authors find it good to market their products using file-sharing or whatever, they are free to do that," she added. "But that is not what is happening at the moment. What's happening at the moment is that authors' and rights holders' works are file-shared against their will and that is not acceptable."

She argued that The Pirate Bay "is specifically tailored for copyright infringement."

The prosecution claims the site provides a search engine that helps people find and download copyrighted material including movies, music and games -- in effect, enabling copyright theft.

The site's supporters say they're doing nothing wrong under Swedish law because the site doesn't actually put the copyrighted material on the Web site.

Internet piracy and illegal downloading from peer-to-peer systems are some of the biggest piracy problems in Europe, the MPAA argues.

Internet piracy is growing at a faster rate in Europe than anywhere else in the world, the MPAA says, because of increased broadband use, weak laws, and lenient public perceptions.

Sweden's official efforts to battle online piracy have been weak, the MPAA says.

Eriksson, the co-founder of the group that led to The Pirate Bay, says the MPAA's argument that file-sharing hurts movie studio revenues is "nonsense."

"Cinema is doing better than ever," he said by e-mail. "They only claim this because they calculate losses by looking at the number of downloads and imagining that all of them would have been a purchase if they hadn't been downloaded first."

Eriksson said what was at stake in the Swedish courtroom was the future of the Internet itself.

"The Internet revolution meant that we created a global network where any digital entity could connect and exchange information with any other," he said. "Anti-piracy efforts must be seen in the light of a counter-revolution against this that goes all the way to the very infrastructure of the net."

He suggested that even if The Pirate Bay is convicted of facilitating making works public through its indexing service, which he does not expect, Internet piracy will not stop.

"The prosecution can't understand that The Pirate Bay is just one stratification of a social and technological change that is decentralized," he said.

"Piracy does not have a head that you can cut off, and The Pirate Bay is just a technology allowing communication, a part of the Internet infrastructure."

So what do I think. I say that the four can go to jail but it still wont stop the Pirate Bay. It was a big mistake to not shut down the site because the torrent downloading will still go on. Nothing has happened here because there are still moderators running the site. All the governments have done was put the creators of the site in jail for a year and fine them over $3 Million, which is only a small fraction of what they earn from ads on the site. Very little punishment on the Swedish part.

But even if the US/Sweedish governments shutdown the Pirate Bay, there will be other ways of downloading media illegally. There are many torrent hosting/searching sites out there and many P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks out there. The truth here is that it may be near impossible to stop bootlegging and illegal sharing and downloading.

[Via Engadget to CNN]

[Source] - Four found guilty in landmark Pirate Bay case

New Sidekick LX-Best Sidekick Yet

T-Mobile officially announced the new Hiptop Danger "Sidekick" LX. Some listed features include a crisp 854 x 480 screen, GPS, 3G, 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, and stereo Bluetooth. This phone includes a full QUERTY keyboard (of course!) and apps for Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. There are two available colors, Carbon (black) and Orchid (red). As for the look of the phone, it looks more professional that the previous generations of the Sidekicks.

After rebates, the phone will be sold for $199.99 with a contract. Current T-Mobile customers will be able to get the phone during a pre-sale now while the rest of the people will have to wait till May 13.

More Pictures Below.

[Source] - Engadget: T-Mobile Sidekick LX officially snnounced all over again

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review: Parks and Recreation and Southland (on NBC)

Parks and Recreation

SNL Alum Amy Poehler stars in the new comedy series, "Parks and Recreation". This show in lots of ways is similar to the show, The Office. They both share that little "interview/documentary/comedy" style.

Amy is very funny in this show. She plays Leslie Knope, a head of the department of Parks and Recreation. In the pilot, she tries to help out a nurse (Rashida Jones), whose fiance fell into a pit. Leslie takes on a project to build a park on it, but falls into the pit while examining the area.

This show is funny and has the potential to go very far. This show takes what is boring, dealing with the public, and makes it funny. Amy's character in the show, Leslie, is a unique character. She is mildly dumb which makes her very fun to watch. I would definitely recommend watching and following this show.

Score: 4.5/5


Benjamin McKenzie plays Officer Ben Sherman in the new drama, Southland. Southland takes an "authentic" look at the LAPD and the lives its officers live. Officer Ben Sherman is a rookie cop who experiences a lot of unwanted action, all of which happened on his first day on the job. During his day at work, partner, Officer John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) pokes fun at him all day. One joke was that he looked like he could have been from "90210", possibly a "wink" at Ben McKenzie's previous character on the show, The O.C.

This show is raw and seems realistic. "Southland" is the kind of show that draws you in and makes you beg for more. The plot is awesome and touching, and Benjamin McKenzie's character is very dynamic and surprising. A must watch for anyone that likes cop shows, dramas, and action shows. Southland is scheduled to run its first season with seven episodes.

Both shows are great. What's even better is that they are on NBC's Thursday primetime block, along with the Office. First, The Office...Second, Parks and Recreation... and Third, Southland! Its a great reason to look forrward to the end of the week. TGIT

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ditechite Podcast

Hello viewers, Bol and I decided to put a podcast on our site! The Ditechite podcast will be an audio broadcast between Bol and me(Dark), a new one will be up once every 2-3 weeks. Our podcast will have a wide range of tech news and topics. We are not sure on how long or if we will have a specific day to put it up, but expect one in about a week or so. If you would like to suggest something for us to talk about, email or message us and we will have a discussion over it in the following podcast.

Is Microsoft Going Release a Zune HD Soon?

Engadget received pictures from an anonymous tipster which appear to include a picture of the Zune HD. Engadget wrote:
"Uh. Looks like something is happening -- big time -- in Zune land. We present what might possibly be your first look at, yes... the Zune HD. In the gallery below, you can see images from what appears to be a forthcoming marketing campaign for Microsoft's new PMP. We don't have any word on specs right now, though we've got a sneaking suspicion this will have an HD display."

These pictures look like they came from some sort of video/animation. I don't know if this will be the "push" the Zune needs, but there is one thing for sure, it is a step in the right direction for the Zune. Picture on top of article and some pictures below.

[Source] - Engadget: Is this the Zune HD

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Intel Shows New MIDs at IDF Beijing-New Clamshell Phone With Full Windows XP

All below shown in video.

Intel never fails to disappoint. Their Atom processors allow computers with small form factors (Netbooks, Nettops, and MIDs) to run very fast. At IDF Beijing 2009, they showed off a few MIDs with their Atom processor. They showed off two from OQO, one played Quake 3, and the other was shown running Vista. They also showed off the "Mars" MID. It is a clamshell phone featuring a QUERTY keyboard and full Windows XP. Its no RAZR but it is small enough to fit in a pocket. No demo was shown for the phone. They also shown all the manufacturers that will develop computers around their Atom processor.

Intel also released two "Z" series Atoms. The new Z550 allows speeds up to 2GHz, the "fastest performance of a handheld". The Z515, which is a .6 GHz processor with a performance boost, can reach speeds of up to 1.2 GHz. The Z515 is aimed at very small devices. Intel is hoping that it would give the "intended" devices the boost of speed they need without bumping up the form factor.

Apple Orders 100 Million 8gb NAND Chips: Possible Sign of New iPhone Model(s)

Engadget : Oh Apple, what are you up to? Just like we saw right around this time last year in preparation for Apple's new iPhone 3G and updated iPod touch, Apple is placing huge orders of NAND chips thereby threatening the supply in demand by other tier-one vendors. This time we've got DigiTimes confirming earlier reports that Apple is cornering the market on flash memory -- specifically, the Taiwanese rumor rag is reporting orders of "100 million 8Gb (8 gigabit, not gigabyte) NAND flash chips mostly with Samsung Electronics." That's twice the size of the order reported last year. The tiny memory chips are then recombined during manufacturing into the larger 16GB, 32GB, and so on capacities we expect to find in our handheld consumer electronics. Anyone still doubting new Apple handhelds in June?

[Source] - Engadget:Apple orders 100 million 8Gb flash chips in ramp up for new device(s)?

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Assassins Creed 2 Teaser Site Up-Really Cool Stuff

There is a cool new Assassins Creed 2 teaser site open. While there is no gameplay shown, there is an awesome "activity" on the site you can do. It requires a printer and, a webcam, and a well lit room.

Go through the whole animation, then at the end, click on that weird circle with a hexagon inside it.

A PDF will then be opened with the shape in the middle of the page and instructions below it. Print it out.

Go back to the "animation" and then click on the red triangle tab on the left hand side of the animation. This will open up a window the "Nimus" window in the animation that will show your webcam's vision. Then click on the "M Frag: EFBUI.

Point your webcam to the PDF you just printed. [or hold up the picture to it]

If all goes fine, the picture gets scanned through the webcam and then a 3D model of Altier's hand will show up on screen and will follow the paper. If you move the paper, the hand moves too.

Unfortunately, thats the only 3D model there is so far. There are more "M Frag" tabs at the Nimus but we will have to wait until Ubisoft puts more PDFs on the site.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

M.A.G. [PS3] Screenshots Leaked...

Do you remember that game at E3 '08 that Sony unveiled called M.A.G, or Massive Action Game... you know... the game that lets you play with up to 256 people. Well, possible screenshots may have been leaked on to Flickr. The pictures seem to show that it is a first person shooter. The game looks great and it seems Call of Duty-ish in a way.

See the screenshots below see what you think. The Flickr Picture Set may also be accessed by going to the link on the source.

[Source] - M.A.G. Flickr Set