Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wii hacker Johnny Chung Lee Joins Project Natal Team

In this time of economic hardship, it warms the heart just to hear that someone's found any job. But when our main man Johnny Chung Lee lands a position on Microsoft's Project Natal team, it's high fives and handshakes all around. And really, it's a perfect fit -- among the many hacks of his illustrious career, he's put together a VR head tracker (and utilized it in a first-person shooter) for the Wii game console. Apparently, Lee's part of the group that is taking the tech we saw at E3 and getting it ready for prime time. As you'd expect, the man is pretty stoked to have landed his dream job. "The 3D sensor itself is a pretty incredible piece of equipment, he says, "similar to very expensive laser range finding systems but at a tiny fraction of the cost."

Personally, I really think this guy deserves the job. He is also notorious for the cheap whiteboard using the Wiimote which I was able to do very easily. The guy is really smart and hopefully his contributions will add some really neat stuff to Project Natal.

Good job man... good job!