Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review and Hands on: Tap Tap Revenge 2

Tap Tap Revenge was a major hit on the iPod Touch and iPhone app store. Its fun gameplay and awesome songs made it one of the best games on the Apps Store. Does Tap Tap Revenge 2 live up to its predecessor? Lets find out!

Tap Tap Revenge 2 is a major improvement to its older brother. A clean startup screen welcomes you into the game. At the screen, you have 3 major buttons: Downloads, Play, and options.

In downloads, you can download new tracks "DLC'S" to play on Tap Tap. There are many songs to choose from. Songs from the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Coldplay are downloads that are available.

In options, you can change the volume volume, delete DLCs, and even edit your "Tapulous" profile online game profile.

So now its time for the gameplay itself...When you press play in the welcome screen, you have the option to play "One Player", "Two Player", "Career" (It is an achievements list) (New Feature), and Online multiplayer. In regular gameplay, you will see some new visuals as well. You will see new tap zones, more cool effects, a new look to the 8X Multiplier, and more...

The One Player game play is nothing short of fantastic. For those who do not know, the gameplay is like Guitar Hero. Notes come down a vertical straightaway and you have to tap them when they reach the "Touching Zone". (Sorry for bad explanation, gameplay footage in video below). As for the song choices, they are just perfect for the game. Especially Coldplay's Lovers in Japan (Remix). As you play harder difficulty songs, the games become more challenging and fun.

Two Player gameplay is fun as well. It involves two people playing on opposite sides of the iPod or iPhone. The person with the higher score wins. The only thing thats bad about it is that playing can get cramped and two people playing means more tapping, which means more shaking of the device.

As for online (3g and EDGE, and WiFi), it is just like playing Two Player, except its online. There is almost no lag and the gameplay is very competitive.

And finally, the Career. The Career is basically an achievement list. To achieve 100% on this list, you would have to play on 21 Consecutive Days, and play 1000 games...and those are just the really long term achievements. There around 25 more achievements in addition to those two, so there is always is some reason to play this game.

So in a nutshell, this app is great and you should put this on your device. Great song list, spectacular gameplay, and online gameplay is great. This is not only a great improvement over its predecessor, but it is also an app that you will play over and over for a long time.

Score: 5/5

[iTunes Link] - App Store: Tap Tap Revenge 2