Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nintendo DSI unboxing and preview

This Sunday is a big day for Nintendo as the New Nintendo DSi will become available for $169.99 USD. Some of the features are as followed:

(Outside of Box)
-Non Glossy Finish, now the front is smooth
-Volume is now on left side of DSi
-SD card slot on Right Side
-No GBA slot on front anymore :(
-A different Charger input
-Triggers are raised for more convenience
-1 Camera on top of DSi
-Power button is no longer on the outside
-Mic Jack is in the same place
-Stylus is in same place

-All the buttons are the same place
-Power is in the bottom left hand corner
-The screens are significantly bigger
-Camera 2 is between the 2 screens

The DSi is just a little bit thinner, lighter and a tad longer than the DS Lite. The camera quality is not great, it's very similar to an iphone camera though. There is little to do in the editing of the photos i.e. Distortion, Comment bubbles, Misc. and merging 2 photos together along with the usual color fading and markers. As for the playing music, only AAC files are accepted so, iTunes can easily convert your music to AAC. The DSi will also have internet software and a store where $20 will get you 2,000 points. There is no reason to upgrade yet unless exclusive content becomes available, but if you buy a DS Lite now, to save $40.00 you may be kicking yourself in a few months.

Unoxing of the DSi

Testing the Cameras

Testing the Audio Recording

DSi Vs: DS Lite

Source: Joystiq