Saturday, April 25, 2009

OQO future in question - Rich gadget freaks weep

Computer maker, OQO, is suffering in this troubled economy. The VP of OQO, Bob Rosin, confirmed that the company may not produce any more units of its Model 2+, its latest computer model, partially because it did not have a release date for it. Their profits also went down last quarter. Besides difficulty raising money, the company has been impacted by the tough economy, with some customers delaying payments, Mr. Rosin said. It has tried to conserve cash with temporary shutdowns and reduced working hours for employees, though it has not had a major reduction in force, he said.

Bob Rosin:

"... it is "unlikely" any more Model 2+ units would be produced, though not indicating how many were currently manufactured and ready to go."

The Model 2+ featured an Intel Atom Processor, 5" OLED touchscreen, Wireless 802.11a/b/g, Wireless 3G Connectivity (via wireless carrier), full keyboard with trackwheel, and Bluetooth.