Monday, April 6, 2009

New Assassins Creed 2 Teaser Site Up-Really Cool Stuff

There is a cool new Assassins Creed 2 teaser site open. While there is no gameplay shown, there is an awesome "activity" on the site you can do. It requires a printer and, a webcam, and a well lit room.

Go through the whole animation, then at the end, click on that weird circle with a hexagon inside it.

A PDF will then be opened with the shape in the middle of the page and instructions below it. Print it out.

Go back to the "animation" and then click on the red triangle tab on the left hand side of the animation. This will open up a window the "Nimus" window in the animation that will show your webcam's vision. Then click on the "M Frag: EFBUI.

Point your webcam to the PDF you just printed. [or hold up the picture to it]

If all goes fine, the picture gets scanned through the webcam and then a 3D model of Altier's hand will show up on screen and will follow the paper. If you move the paper, the hand moves too.

Unfortunately, thats the only 3D model there is so far. There are more "M Frag" tabs at the Nimus but we will have to wait until Ubisoft puts more PDFs on the site.