Friday, July 17, 2009

Review: Incase Neoprene Case for 13-inch MacBooks

TR632I recently bought a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the intention of using it for my last 3 years of high school, and possibly into my first 1-2 years of college. In order to do that, I figured I had to buy a case in order to protect it from damage, specifically scratches and dents, dust, and dirt. I decided to pick the “Incase Neoprene sleeve for 13 inch MacBooks” in hopes that it would provide the protection that I need.

The Incase Neoprene sleeve, itself, is a very simple, minimal, and common design. The weight of the sleeve is only about a half a pound, and that is mostly contributed to the materials they used in making it.

incaseneopreneThe exterior is black neoprene, protecting the MacBook from condensation, and possibly a light liquid spill. Because the neoprene is “spongy”, it allows protection for your computer from small and minor drops.


As for the interior, it is faux fur, which is very soft and smooth-feeling. It will protect your baby from scratches, and it also adds to the padding and insulation as well. The faux fur is very smooth, allowing a really easy slip in/out. The only problem with putting it in the case is that you might want to be careful with the zipper, because the computer may make contact with the zipper track as you are slipping it in.


As some may know, seams and zippers on some laptop cases may cause scratches on your computer, and can also serve as weak spots, which can open up your computer to dings and dents. Well, in the Incase Neoprene sleeve, all the seams are blocked with cushions, which go around the whole sleeve, even right below the zipper. The cushions below the zipper are spaced enough so the cushioning does not get caught in it. The cushion also prevents the computer from contact with the metal zipper when its closed. Despite this, I am still careful in zipping up this case, often pulling the zipper toward me while closing it to prevent contact with the computer itself.

Overall, this sleeve does a really good job with protecting your MacBook, though since it’s soft, don’t expect it to be totally safe. While it may protect it from minor falls, don’t expect it to protect your computer that great from really strong impacts. Despite this, the Incase Neoprene sleeve is perfect for taking my laptop to school. I can simply put my MacBook Pro in the sleeve, zip it up, throw it in my backpack, and go on my way.

The Incase Neoprene sleeve for 13 inch MacBooks (as well as for the 15 inch MacBook Pros) is sold for $29.99 – $34.99 USD (depending on where you shop), and is available on some online and offline electronic retailers, and at most Apple stores and Mac resellers. This Incase sleeve comes in 5 colors:Black, Red, Grey, Sky Blue, and Pink.