Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google Chrome OS

If you guys love Google products and software, you will love their latest official announcement. Google had announced the Google Chrome OS, yes you read right. Well, apparently it is slated to targeted to, and to be sold with netbooks sometime in 2010. The Linux based OS will be compatible with most x86 and ARM chips meaning that you can put it on to any basic computer. While there were no pics, or anything to show off the OS, there were some fakes posted at Engadget (via an external source).

This whole concept is totally outside Android, Google's mobile platform, and while we did see Android running on a few netbooks, this is just taking it to another level. This was also bound to happen, because anything is possible with Google. Not only do they run the most popular web browser, they bought the world's most popular video site (Youtube), they made a very edgy browser (Google Chrome), and they made a very successful mobile platform (Android). I feel that because the name, Google, is on the OS, it may automatically launch itself to popularity. As I always say, we'll have to wait to see what happens.