Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Apple WWDC 09' - What we may see [Part 1]

This WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference - June 8th, 2009), despite Steve Jobs not being there, may make or break the WWDC. We may, or may not see new and/or improved products. We may see things that may either be a milestone for Apple, or have a pile of nothing that will let down Apple fans everywhere. I have decided to write about what Apple may release at WWDC 2009 in a two part article that not only recaps some of the rumored and probable products, but also if they have a good chance of making it to WWDC.

1. Macbook Mini (netbook)

Many people want Apple to make a netbook. This is because it is (or maybe) cheaper than a regular Macbook, and can be an alternative to the $1000+ Macbooks. Does Apple really want to do this? Well, no...unless they lied to the public. Steve's temporary replacement, Tim Cook, opposed them on behalf of Apple.

This does not mean we won't see them. I just don't think Apple realizes that some people who want their products can't buy them because they are expensive and overpriced. If they make a netbook that is between $400 to $500, I think they will make lots of money, seeing how sales in netbooks are growing.

If they do try to sell it, they have to do it with the stated price above. Some customers may not go for a $600 netbook when they can go for a comparable netbook for a cheaper cost. It should not cost more than $400. Companies like Acer and ASUS have selling their netbooks for around $350.

Odds are, if they will go the netbook route, Apple would put an Intel Atom Processor in it, most likely in three tiers. I am predicting that Apple may choose a 1.6Ghz Atom for one tier, and a 1.66Ghz Atom tier for the other. Apple tries to stay away from slow hardware, so I'm not expecting a 1.3Ghz Atom on an Apple netbook.

2. Touch Screen Mac Tablet/iPod Touch with a bigger screen

Since last year, there have been rumors that an Apple tablet was going to be released. While this maybe the most unlikely things we want to see, it may just happen. There are many possibilities of what the tablet will be.

First, it maybe an iPod Touch. This may be the best option if Apple is going for a tablet, especially for the internet. I loved the Nokia Internet Tablets, and I would have loved it more if it had the iPhone OS on it. It can also be possible to have 3G on it.

Second, it can be a touch netbook based on Intel's Atom Processor with a full version of OS X on it. I really want to see an Apple made OS X 10.X touch device. Again, this may not be a yes on Apple's part because of their position on netbooks. (See number 1)

Finally, Apple may make a totally new device, with a Hybrid OSX/iPhone OS or a totally new OS. Seeing how apple did with its iPhone OS, I think Apple would be able to tweak OS X to allow finger gestures like the "two finger swipe", etc. This is probably the possibility with the lowest odds. Probably because it is unsure how many people would buy it. The Nokia tablets were successful, but I don't think it sold enough units for Apple to make a whole new machine.

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