Saturday, May 9, 2009

T-Mobile shows support for iPhones on its network

It seems like T-Mobile, being a great and friendly carrier showed their support for iPhones on their network, despite it not being sold by them. A guy named John wrote this to the Consumerist:

T-mobile recently changed some aspect of their voicemail system, which cause iPhones (and some other unlocked non T-mobile branded phones) on their network to FREAK OUT. You'd get blank text messages from the future (2012!) when people left voicemails, and calling voicemail caused a flurry of the blank texts to arrive. These were notably NOT free texts either, so you were being charged per message if you didn't have an unlimited plan. Some iPhone users on T-mobile's network e-mailed Executive Customer Service, and got a very nice phone call in response, acknowledging the problem and awarding a 1-month service credit.
The T-mo rep stated that "T-Mobile, though they do not offer the iPhone, and that they are committed to supporting users on their network who have them."

Sure enough, within a day or so, in response to the problem, a T-mobile Tier 2 service rep posted an acknowledgment of the problem in a hackintosh forum, and indicated they'd fixed the issue.

All in all, this cements my loyalty to T-mobile. Even without officially supporting a particular phone, they are willing to make accommodations to ensure the iPhone users on their network continue to enjoy good service. And, it is worth noting, can continue to do so for tens of dollar less per month than they would if they were still using a 2G iPhone on AT&T.

I am a very loyal T-Mobile customer and I really love their coverage and customer service. I have had some "phone" problems in the past, and they provided solutions to these problems that made satisfied. Overall, you pay for good service, coverage, and customer service. Thank you T-Mobile and keep up the good work.

[Source] - T-Mobile Provides iPhone Support Despite Not Offering iPhone