Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bol's take on the "Slim PS3 Rumors"

Some time today, pictures of a "PS3 Slim" supposedly got leaked on a Chinese website. The slim version is about as thick 1.5-2.5 inches thick and is about a few inches shorter than the current PS3 in length. Width is about the same as the current as well. The casing is black with either a matte finish, or a glossy finish. (I cannot distinguish it because of the graininess of the photos). There is a Sony logo on it as well as a PS3 logo that does not follow the current styling of the current logo. In fact, it is a more modern style of the PS2 logo.


Look at the box picture. The PS3 logo seemed legit on the box, until I realized that they did not follow the detailing of the logo on the console body itself. Its worth noting that the picture on the box is the "intended" finished product, not the pictures of the casing.

The logo on the box seems badly cropped. Notice (on the picture above this paragraph) the PS3 on the logo on the casing (right) and the PS3 on the box (left). Also, the horizontal lines of each character of the logo have to be thinner than the vertical lines of each character. For example, the vertical line in "S" is fat and the horizontal line is skinny. This is not followed on the system. One can argue that the box picture AS A WHOLE is cropped. But if this was the case, the PS3 picture on the box would be too narrow. Plus, If it was the real logo, it would be trademarked. This means the styling of the logo would have to be EXACTLY followed on the console itself.

The box console picture is probably photoshopped. I can tell because there is a big black spot on the top of the console. It seems like the person who took a pic of the "fake" box realized that there was a bad logo or something on it and tried to cover it up. Evidence is shown... the box picture's graininess stopped in the middle of the console, which is very unlikely. Also, the console should have had the PS3 logo in its box picture. If the controller can have the analog sticks in the picture, the PS3 in the box picture can have a logo.

Plus, it is unlike Sony (or any other company) to change the logo of a new model of a product unless it was actually a successor to the MAIN product. In other words, Sony would not change the logo until the PS4 or a future successor. Everything else is fine; the controller is scaled properly, because it is approximately the size of the Blu-Ray drive, though it seems a bit wider. And finally, the body (or at least the bottom) is matte, similar to the PS2's body; not like the current silver PS3s (different textured matte). This definitely shows that it is fake. Usually, new product SKUs follow distinct design details from its siblings. There is no way that Sony would take the gorgeous, glossy black plastic for a PS3 in a slim PS2's body. There is also the fact that Sony denied a redesign rumor, and when Sony denies rumors, they usually mean it.

Ruling: Probably fake

-Edit- I stated that it was a Japanese website that released the photos. It was in fact a Chinese site. Sorry for the mistake. Thank you Sev1512 (on