Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: Coosh Earphones

My stock iPod earphones broke today so I've been shopping around for new ones. I went to my local Radioshack to find some cheap, good quality earphones. One pair caught my eye, the Coosh Around Ear Earphones. The creators say it will stay on until you take them off. We'll see...

Impressions before opening the box
The Coosh's case is uber cool and unique. They show off one earphone on each side. Looking at them at a first glance, the phones look like they would be somewhat uncomfortable with their clip's round shape. Well, if looks uncomfortable, it must be uncomfortable...right? Wrong! These earphones feel amazing.

The Clip

The clip is a very flexible piece of silicone so they wont irritate your ears. In other words, you have a flexible bent "gummy worm" on your ear. the earphones just go in your ear just like any stock iPod earphones. The other great thing about the earphones is that despite its flexibility, these don't feel like they will fall off, perfect for the workout, jog, etc.

Plus, there is no need to bend the clips out of place to fit comfortably onto your ear. The flexible clip makes these phones TRUELY one size fits all. The clips are removable but I would not remove them because, first, its not necessary, and second because they can be a hassle to put back.

The Sound

Now, it may feel good but does it sound good. Most definitely. This is a great replacement for iPod stock earphones or really crappy 99 cent ones. The sound is clear and crisp. If you are a fan of really thumping bass, you wont enjoy these as much. The bass on these phones are just right, nothing that will vibrate in your head. At max volume on my iPod Touch (2nd Generation), the volume does not noticeably distort.

The Bad

The only thing i did not like about these is the fact that there is that big little piece of plastic on the 3.5" connector on the earphones. This can feel really bulky and annoying on thin or small devices like the iPod Touch or Shuffle. Also there is a big clip on the cord that you can "clip" to your shirt. Not a big deal but it can be annoying sometimes.


Price and Where to Buy

You can get these earphones at most major retailers now. Regular headphones for iPods and MP3 Players will set you back only $19.99 - $24.99 USD depending on the store you get it at. The iPhone/Blackberry/Music phone earphones with mic and "push to answer"/mute go for around $30 USD. If you are like me and like saving a few bucks, you can hit Radioshack right now and get a pair for $20 w/ tax. There are a variety of colors so its best to shop around for your favorite. I recommend ordering at for different colors. I would recommend getting white clips because the black one catch dust as you can see on the second pic.

-EDIT- They are also $20 at Disregard the other reviews. I decided to play tennis with these and they stayed on my ear flawlessly. Maybe they stay for some but not all. They are good for me so I am recommending you to try it for your self.

Score: 4.5/5

The Summary

"Best Headphones I've ever owned!"