Thursday, March 26, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Trailer

There is a new CoD:MW 2 out and from what it showed, the game sort-of looks the same as MV1 graphic wise. Story wise, it seems fantastic and shocking even though not much is shown. The trailer is just green "sound waves". As the video gets intense, you can see glimpses of gameplay and game areas.

From what I have seen on forums, this is what some think is in the trailer. ***The following is from the Forums. .All credit is given to the topic starter and his sources.

OK, so we start with the Infinity Ward Logo. Cool!
Now, we hear some outside noise and a church bell in the distance. Cars driving by people walking.
The "camera" enters through a pair of automatic sliding doors at 0:18:05. Now the "camera" is inside an airport.
People walking. Loud speaker announcing, "Attention passangers. Do not leave bags unattended. Unattended bags will be confiscated." This is in English, so we can confirm that this airport is in Europe or North America.
At 0:29:00 The "camera" enters into an elevator.
At 0:33:00 The "camera" turns around and faces the elevator doors showing other men located inside the elevator. We know this "camera" is the perspective of the group of men in the elevator.
At 0:39:00 We hear unzipping and other russling meaning these men are changing their outfits.
At 49:00 We hear guns **bleep**ing and other weapons clanging. These men are bad, real bad.
At 1:04:00 We hear something that sounds like "Stand by" or "Snack Bar" from one man. This is probably Russian.
At 1:08:00 We hear "Remember, no Russian" Meaning these men cannot speak their language wherever they are headed. Terrorists probably.
The elevator doors then open. The men walk out into a crowd is civilians. At 1:19:00 gunfire starts and screams can be heard.
At 1:31:00 The "camera" remains in the elevator and the elevator doors finally close. (Wow, 30 seconds is a long time for an elevator's doors to close )
Muffled gunfire and screams can be heard
At 1:35:00 you hear the elevator starting up and the "2" lit up.
Current Known Clues:
0:33:72 Zoom in on the weird lettering. This is in Russian, which is interesting because it is on the wall of an Airport in English-Speaking Territory. Probably just a clue for the game itself. It says (translated from Russian to English thanks to Nazariy007 ) "Nynki Igoberko is in danger." This must mean some kind of assassination.
1:08:00 Dialog "Remember, no Russian" (meaning not to speak russian during that attack, making it harder for them to be tracked back to some sort of russian territory.)

1:11:77 There's writing at the top left, but when zooming in on it, the mysterious text dissappears
1:12:14 Above the Word Security - Possible New Perk Symbols (Including Stopping Power, quicker running speed/higher jumping, anti knife (meaning knives cannot kill you or you take less damage so you arent one hit killed) and a symbol of a head with a target underneath (meaning you dont take as much damage from air strikes possibly)

1:21:88 Guy with scuba gear on. Possible underwater gameplay?

1:23:12 Far right guy with snow goggles on. (SNOW LEVEL?!)
1:24:18 Top Right Jesus Like Image Appears

Possibly the Christ Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro?
1:25:05 Freeze Image - Teddy Bear can be seen!
1:26:29 Oil Rig can be seen!
1:50:00 Dialog is ALL Russian, Not Backwards English. It is translated to "Revolution is not allowed, in a biblical situation."

To fully analyze the video, go here. In the site given, there is a flash player that will allow you to view the trailer and to pause and zoom in. This is perfect for the "gaming freak" or CoD fan who just has to know some of the locations that will be in the game. If you just want to watch casually, the video is shown below. If you see anything that has not been mentioned and if you would like to spread the word, please post a comment on my blog or on the forum topic.

So the countdown begins! 11.10.09 is the release date for this game. (And yes, 11.10.09 it is)

This video is viewable in HD. To do so, just press the HD button on the timeline when the video is playing.