Monday, March 23, 2009

Bol Tips: PS3 Media Servers for Mac-The Good and Bad

There are lots of media server programs for Mac that can stream your music, movies, and pictures to your PS3 console. There's software like Elgato's Eyeconnect and Cynical Peak's Rivet that claim this functionality. In this article, I will show you the good and bad media servers out there.

I will start with Elgato's Eyeconnect. This $50 software was the best choice for PS3 owners up until the 2.40 PS3 update. For some off reason, the Eyeconnect started having trouble streaming to the PS3. If you have used it recently, Eyeconnect is just bad. The movie streaming is just too buggy and full of network errors. The music streaming is just shy of adequate. At times, your screen can hang for long periods of time when starting the song streaming. Stay clear of this software. It WAS good but it no longer is. (Screenshot shown below)

You can also get Rivet by Cynical Peak. This media server software is crap. Its full of errors and the video streaming lags. The music streaming is delayed and startup for media can take ten seconds or more. Its definitely not worth your $20.

Next is Twonkymedia. Now I have the least experience with this. From numerous reviews and sources, I have heard that this is a very good piece of software. It streams flawlessly with your Mac and your PS3. Get it for $30 off the Twonkymedia site.

Next is the best paid media server app. It is Nullriver's MediaLink for PS3. For a cheap $20, you can perfectly stream your movies with little or no network errors. This is also the easiest app to use and it is the snappiest one to use also. Videos are streamed at their best with this software. (Screenshot shown below)

And finally, here is the best free media server app, ps3mediaserver. It is free because it is open source. This means it can be continually worked on which means frequent updating and lots of bug fixes. Playing your files on your PS3 with this software is almost perfect. The only problem I had encountered was the little error messages that popped up during movies. They do not hinder the experience in anyway. They just pop up and go, without stopping the movie.(Screenshot shown below)

Rivet, MediaLink, and Eyeconnect run in the System Preference Pane.

To get, try, or ask about any of the programs shown above, please go go their respective URL's:

Elgato - Eyeconnect
Cynical Peak - Rivet
Nullsoft - Medialink
PS3Mediaserver -via Google code