Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yup, PS3 Slim is now official - Update: Official Picture

It's finally official. This new model will be $299 USD, and 299 Euros and will feature the same characteristics as the PS3 Phat but with a 120GB HDD, and with a major size reduction (32% Smaller, 36% lighter). It will be available in September of this year. More updates soon...

Update 1: Right after the announcement, the show ended.

Update 2: PS3 price officially dropped to $299

Update 3: Better Pic

Just to let you guys know, this is the same PS3 Slim we saw in leaked form a few months back. If you don't remember, see it here. If you don't recall, the source later admitted it was false. Looks like we fell for it...

Also, GamePro had a story on the Slim about a month ago. Apparently a person posted a video of the PS3 Slim on Youtube. He apparently found an underground merchant selling the Slim. You can find the video below.