Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PS3 Slim Today????

Recently, a bunch of rumors have surfaced regarding the PS3 Slim, and how Sony may unveil it today at the Cologne Gamescon Expo. Now, even though we have no evidence that Sony will announce a "slim" model, there are some signs that lead toward an unveiling of a "slim" model.

A Kotaku reader/tipster/FYE employee sent in a new FYE store poster revealing a PS3 price drop with a "while supplies last" disclaimer. This shows that FYE may want to clear their current PS3 stock to make way for a new PS3 model.

If that wasn't enough, the price drop is also evident at Kmart's site right now as the main "headline", with the quote:

"The rumors are reality. A new low price & a new exciting Playstation 3."

And while the quote states a "new exciting" PS3, there is no sighting of a new model anywhere on the site.

Anyway, the Sony PR at the Cologne Gamescon Expo is at 12 PM EST and I'll try my best to update you as much as possible.

Update: (Old News but...) The Playstation Network will be down for maintainable during the conference. PSN Upgrades???? We'll see...

[Via Engadget Via Kotaku]