Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Engadget Show...

Today, I went into the city to view the first ever Engadget Show, which was held in the Tishman auditorium at the Parsons New School for Design.

This show, hosted by Engadget's Joshua Topolsky, consisted of an interesting but somewhat lengthy conversation with Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein, who helped pioneer many products like the iPod and many Apple products. The conversation soon enough started to go into how he helped in pulling Apple from the bottom, and how he's pretty much doing the same with Palm.

Eventually, the talking made its way to the Palm Pixi topic, where we basically got to see hands on footage of Palm's new phone. Right after that, Jon thanked the audience and basically gave everyone in the audience a free Palm Touchstone (wireless charger for Pre and Pixi; you have to send in your ticket stub to get a free Touchstone). Unfortunately, a vast majority of the audience (including me)did not have a Pre so the Touchstones are pretty much useless. Reguardless, I would like to thank Palm for the offer.

After talking to Jon, we were greeted to music by artist, Bit Shifter, a band with an interesting 8-bit sound. This cool band and music fit well into the show. More on Bit Shifter here.

After the music, Paul Miller and Nilay Patel joined Josh in talking about the weeks news, pretty much making up for their podcast recording problem earlier in the week. They went over what happened at Apple's Rock n' Roll event, the Motorola Cliq, and the Nokia N900. What was ironic was that Engadget pretty much bashes Nokia a lot (the show whas no exception) but yet they are a sponsor.

Overall, I loved the show. With lots of interesting talk, the occasional "Josh-humor", and funny references to tech news from the past and present made this show seem like a visual Engadget post, which is why it is worth saying that this show is definately worth watching, especially in person.

Don't forget to go to Engadget for the video of the event, and it will available on iTunes soon. Keep a look out for the next event, word is: it's monthly show.